We tried everything from Yourganic. Here are our favorites!

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The healthy food trend might have swept over the Indonesian market in the last few years, but at the end of the day, health needs to be more than just a trend. To be healthy is a never ending process that requires commitment, regular exercises, and a healthier food intake. That’s what Yourganic believes in. If you made health as a part of your lifestyle instead of a passing fancy, the result would be more beneficial and lasting.

Started in 2013, long before the healthy food trend began, Yourganic sold its first home-made almond milk. They then continue to promote a healthy lifestyle through their constant innovation of products that are meant to improve the condition of your body, balance your cheat days, and please your tastebuds in the process. Now, four years later, they’ve come up with an outlet at Senopati, numerous grab-and-go spots, as well as a collaboration with Indonesian songstress, Andien.

We have tried almost everything on their line-up, and here are our favorites.

1. Raw Almond Mylk

Different variants of Almond Mylk. Original is still our favorite.

The one that started it all. Yourganic’s Raw Almond Mylk is made of almonds, vanilla, Himalayan salt, and water. As there is no sugar in this bottle, the spotlight falls on the mellow flavor of the nutty almond, plus a hint of saltiness. It’s rich in Vitamin E (good for skin and hair) and calcium, which is especially important when you are lactose-intolerant and thus unable to drink cow’s milk. Raw Almond Mylk is also available in iced coffee, matcha, sweet dates, and one other seasonal variant.

2. The Black Lemonade

The Black Lemonade, the quirkiest of ’em all

The Black Lemonade is an intriguing bottle of lemon juice, activated charcoal, and water, enhanced by organic stevia. It does look a bit intimidating at first, because the drink is exactly what the name implies: black. There are certainly people who are going to be put off by the color and unique flavor, but I kinda dig it. Besides being slightly acidic thanks to the lemon content, it also tastes clean. The kind of clean that you know will cleanse your whole body, which is actually true. Activated charcoal has tiny pores that can trap toxins and all those bad stuffs, making The Black Lemonade the perfect drink for hangover and post-binge eating.

3. Project Green Light

Yourganic’s collaboration with Andien

This collaboration with Andien is technically a variation of Almond Mylk, plus acai smoothies, banana, and spinach. It’s also the one I would pick for Yourganic starters. Banana adds sweetness and body to all kinds of drink, including this one. You would wonder how a healthy drink could taste that good. Loaded with Vitamin A & K, it is best consumed for power breakfast or pre/post workout meal, and for lactating women. Or anytime, really.

4. Viva La Verde

Coconut H2O meets chlorophyll

Read any health-related food blog and you’ll find coconut in almost every single one of them. Coconut water is hydrating, low in calories, good for hydration. If that is not enough incentive for you to drink Viva La Verde, know that it is also packed with chlorophyll, antioxidant-rich green pigments from plants. The combination of these two powerful elements tastes very refreshing, and there’s this lingering clean sensation that stays at the back of your throat. Viva La Verde wakes me up almost as good as a cup of coffee, meaning it’s a good caffeine-free choice when in need of a pick-me-up during late nights.

5. Almond Butter

Breakfast like a champ

Yourganic’s Almond Butter is a yummy guilt-free substitute of peanut butter to slather on your bread. Naturally, it is suitable for those of you allergic to peanut. Although I personally will never completely eradicate Peanut Butter from my diet, Almond Butter is indeed a nice change of scenery, for a lack of a better term. A quick Google search will also tell you that Almond Butter has a slight upper hand in terms of nutritional values. And here’s a secret: I might have had one or two spoons of Almond Butter for snacks without anything else. Maybe more ?

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