Project : Elicxir Nitrogen Gelato (Menu Photography)

Restaurant Menu Photography for Elicxir Gelato

Shooting for Food & Restaurant Menu Photography may look easy in a glance. It is not. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into one photoshoot. On pre-production meeting you’ll have to get your head on the same wavelength. There are many tiny details that we have to look at to achieve great results. Mood board, color combination, props, menu selection, angle, where the image will be used, etc.

With Elicxir Gelato, the direction was to have a cleaner brighter atmospheric look. Almost the counter of what their original branding was. Research shows that people are attracted to the earlier than latter. So we come up with the ideas. The wonderful team at Elicxir chip in the props. At the end of the day everyone sort up took part into the creations of these great images.

We love the photosession. It was full of laugh, fun, and nothing short of memorable.

Thank you Elicxir Gelato. Now here’s a preview of a few photos for you to enjoy.

Restaurant Menu Photography (Wanderbites Studio Jakarta)
Chocolate Milo x Marie Milk Nitrogen Gelato
Food & Menu Photography by Wanderbites Studio Jakarta
Foodporn at its best. Shot for Elicxir Gelato

Few behind-the-scene facts:
– The gelato & sorbet used in this photoshoot are fake. To achieve the similar texture while keeping it not melting, Elicxir team decided to tweak the recipe and the ingredients. However, on the photo it look like real ice cream, isn’t it?
– The food photographer sometimes work as the food stylist too. In this case me and Jie collaborate and put on our years of experience into the table. It is not recommended to do so as having photographer doing the styling may slow the photoshoot, however we ended up finishing more than 20 frames in a day. That’s a record!


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