Food Photographer Project: Otts & Jill

Otts & Jill Food Photographer Project by Wanderbites-3

As a food photographer, it’s always exciting when you get to work with a client like Otts & Jill. Otts & Jill offers well-thought products that fit nicely in Indonesia’s current F&B scene. In recent years, people have paid more attention to healthy living, but they want it in a quick and easy way. Otts & Jill answers to that in the form of daily-changing fine food and fresh salad, delivered right to your doorstep.

Wanderbites team has done a couple of photoshoots with Otts & Jill for its online content, followed by caption copywriting. Each time it has been a fun ride. From the quirky Japanese Tumpeng to the signature salads, every dish is colorful and mouthwatering. Every food photographer would be happy to shoot for Otts & Jill.

Aside from being capable of taking more complex commercial photography requests from our clients, we’re committed to complete the photo session in a timely manner that usually lasts for a day or two. All while maintaining consistent quality, even with unique requests they have. We’re able to increase our effectiveness if the client has a clear marketing strategy, which is the case with Otts & Jill.

Here are some of our favorite shots for Otts & Jill. We love them, the client love them, and hope you’ll do too. Feel free to check out the rest of the photos on Otts & Jill’s social media here.
Otts & Jill Food Photographer Project by Wanderbites-3 Otts & Jill Food Photographer Project by Wanderbites-3 Otts & Jill Food Photographer Project by Wanderbites-3

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