Project: Food Styling & Photography for Cold Pressed Juice

Wanderbites Food Styling & Photography For Cold Press Juice-5

This project commences with great excitement. The first time I showed the test results on high-key (bright) and low-key (dark) images, they immediately go for the latter one. It has been something that I want to accomplish as an artist. That a product can be presented equally well with this kind of direction, especially for the fact that these cold-pressed juice are in for the premium market. Idealistic to a certain extent, but we agreed that it fits the brand. With so many cold-pressed juice are rising up to the competition, we want to be different. Find our own blue ocean so to say.

Another thing that gets me pumped was the fact that I’d be totally in charge for doing the food styling as well. Yes, eventually it took twice the effort, energy, and time to finish the shoot but at the end of the day I know how far I could stretch myself, and nothing beats the joy of seeing the work of your passion afterwards.

As a food photographer, putting myself in the food stylist shoe not only gives me a great practice, it also allows me to dig in deeper into the depth of preparing the props, finding material that matches from table top to spoons. It is always good to have a full understanding of everything that goes into photoshoot and behind it.

Well without further adieu, I’m happy to present one of Wanderbites Studio latest work, going beyond food photography but food styling as well. I hope you enjoy it.

Wanderbites Food Styling & Photography Jakarta

Wanderbites Food Styling & Photography Indonesia

Wanderbites Food Styling & Photography Indonesia

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