Wanderbites Food Photography For Puyo Dessert

Wanderbites Food Photography & Videography for Puyo Dessert

Life has given us great opportunities one after another ever since we started doing food photography few years ago. From the chance to shoot Common Grounds Coffee (home of Indonesia’s 2014 Barista & Latte Art Champion) to Elicxir Gelato (one of the pioneers of Nitrogen Gelato in Jakarta).

Just few weeks ago we had a chance to shoot for yet again another trend maker in Jakarta, Puyo Desserts. Yes, they are one of the earliest who introduced those silky jelly-like dessert and probably the biggest at the moment with 6 outlets in 6 major malls in Jabodetabek.

Puyo as a brand and as a company is growing rapidly and they realize the needs of having proper pictures to represent what they are about. At the same time that they are developing their website, we sit and discuss with their designer on the expected outcome from the photoshoot. In one productive hour we nailed down everything to the tiniest details. Yes, right to those cute milk bottles. We suggested to find them at baby shop and they got it. One of the most productive food photography session we have ever had. We accomplished 20+ shot in a day. Our photographer, Ruby and Puyo’s Marketing Team work doubles as food stylist in this session and they did pretty well right?

It was a very fun shot for us. Everyone chipped in ideas to the tables. Kudos to Puyo team and for having everything very well prepped. We can’t wait to work with you guys again.

Well, without further adieu, these are three of our favorite shots. You can find the rest of them as Puyo use it later on in their marketing materials (website, in store TV display, social media, etc).

Wanderbites Food Photography & Videography for Puyo Dessert

Wanderbites Food Photography Jakarta for Puyo Dessert

Wanderbites Food Photography & Videography Jakarta for Puyo Dessert

Enjoy and let us know what you think. Oh and if you’re looking for someone to do food photography or videography for your products, send us an email to wanderbites@gmail.com or Whatsapp / Line / Text at 082-123-555871

Look forward to create great food photos together!

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