Brood en Boter Bakery & Eatery: Family-Friendly Cafe in Jalan Bangka

Brood en Boter Bakery

Have you ever been to a supermarket planning to buy only some milk, but end up buying fruits, snacks, and a refill of laundry detergent too? Going to Brood en Boter Bakery & Eatery at Jalan Bangka, South Jakarta for the first time will likely give you a similar experience. You think you’ll come for a quick coffee and cake time, but food looks good and you end up spending two hours there.

Despite the literal translation from Dutch, Brood en Boter Bakery & Eatery wishes to be more than just a bakery. As proudly displayed on the glass panel, the concept revolves around the idea that comfort food is your bread and butter to eat and gather. From there, it’s no surprise that there is a space dedicated for kids’ mini playground on the far left, a separate smoking room on the far right, and a spacious dining area in between. Add all of those with wi-fi, and there’s officially something for every member of the family.

Brood en Boter Bakery
Nice latte art
Brood en Boter Bakery
Big Breakfast (IDR 59K)
Brood en Boter Bakery
Homemade brioche toast, eggs, sausage, grilled tomato, french fries

Brood en Boter Bakery Brood en Boter Bakery
Brood en Boter Bakery & Eatery

Brood en Boter Bakery
Before the lunch crowd comes

This principle also applies in food. Brood en Boter offers a different menu for breakfast (available until 10:30) and the rest of the day. While breakfast has a Western influence, lunch and diner are more Indonesian, serving the likes of Nasi Liwet and Ayam Goreng Bangka.

From the breakfast side, one can’t help but be attracted to Pink Burger. The brioche bun, which gets its pink color from beetroot, sandwiched a chunk of juicy beef patty, sautéed onion, and mozzarella cheese. Although the portion is fulfilling and the overall sweet profile is pleasing to the tongue, I can’t help but wondering if some more earthy beetroot flavor would make the burger great instead of good.

Brood en Boter Bakery
Pink Burger (IDR 69K)
Brood en Boter Bakery
Homemade beetroot Brioche bun meets juicy beef patty
Brood en Boter Bakery
The smoking area on the far right

Brood en Boter Bakery

Brood en Boter Bakery
Children playground on the far left

Beyond all of that, kudos for Brood en Boter for choosing natural ingredients as much as possible, such as using beetroot for colorant in Pink Burger. The same rule goes for its bread and cakes, which are free of any preservation, bread improver, and cake emulsifier. Honorable mention goes to the Dutch-style classic mocha cake covered with nougat. Youngsters and elders will both love it.

Brood en Boter Bakery & Eatery makes a great effort to cater to different needs, and it shows. When the clock turns to noon, there are a variety of customers coming in: businessmen, small families, and college students. I’m interested in coming back in the future to try the non-breakfast dishes while bringing my niece in tow.

Brood en Boter Bakery
Brood en Boter Bakery Brood en Boter Bakery Brood en Boter Bakery

Brood en Boter Bakery & Eatery
Instagram: @broodenboterjkt
Address: Jl. Bangka Raya No. 25, South Jakarta
Price Range: IDR 39-69K (breakfast); IDR 33-99K (food); IDR 15-45K (beverage)
Google Maps: Click Here

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