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Bermvda CoffeeIf you were able to bottle your favourite scent in the world, what would it be? I actually have a few favourites—lemon, jasmine, green tea—but today I discover another one: the smell of freshly cooked waffles. Yes, you read that one right. Freshly cooked waffles. The smell that refuses to be confined inside the waffle-making machine, the inviting aroma of butter and batter. It is love at the first smell as I walk into Bermvda Coffee, Pantai Indah Kapuk.

Despite the endless number of restaurants around the area, Bermvda Coffee feels different first and foremost thanks to its choices in using geometric-shaped knick-knacks: triangle-patterned door, rectangular lamps, round tables, and the coolest black floating staircase. Just when you start to think how masculine this coffee shop is, you start noticing tiny feminine touches, like the hanging bulbs covered in white feathers, or the potted plants in the corner. Striking contrast.

Bermvda Coffee Bermvda Coffee Bermvda Coffee

Now, back to business. The signature dish: waffles.

The petite size of Bermvda Coffee, camouflaged by the smart installation of mirrors, actually plays a part in that wonderful spreading aroma of waffles. Smaller space means enhanced senses, potent for hunger-inducing smells. It creates a feeling of anticipation, making me actually long for that waffle.

Anticipation makes me feel impatient; it seems that an eternity has passed when the Cara-Ba-Nana waffle finally makes its grand entrance at our table. Visually, it looks like no waffle I have ever seen before. The waffle is molded into a customized triangular shape, in tune with Bermvda Coffee’s logo, topped with vanilla ice cream, caramelized banana, caramel sauce, and almond crumbs. Sweet, but not overly so, with an enjoyable crunch from the crumbs. I would have liked it even more if the waffle was bigger! There’s no other type of food at the moment, so tough luck for waffle haters.

Bermvda Coffee Bermvda Coffee

Take a look at the counter and you’ll see the shiny La Marzocco machine waiting to pour out some espresso for you. The beans that they use is a blend roasted by Coteca Coffee Roasters, Jakarta. There are also artisan tea, mojito, and the usual gourmet drinks such as Iced Chocolate and Green Tea Latte. Plenty of liquid options to accompany your waffle.

Bermvda Coffee

To round everything up, bring along your best friend and catch up on the latest gossip or talk about your favourite TV show. After all, the place is not too big and the tables are not ideal for working. Put away your phones, start conversing, and order another plate of waffle!


Bermvda Coffee
Ruko Cordobe H/30, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Opening Hours: 12PM – 7PM

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