Cascara Coffee: Caffeinating Ideas

Cascara Coffee Gading Serpong (Food Blogger Review)

When you are feeling uninspired and you ran out of ideas, what would you do? Some prefer to take a walk outside or browse through pinterest. Or maybe, try to go to a coffee shop and draw your inspirations from something new and uncommon? Cascara Coffee is build exactly for that. Or at least that’s what they promised to differ themselves from three dozen other coffee shops in the hood.

Cascara Serpong (Tangerang Best Coffee Shop)


Found by two unusual coffee enthusiasts, one’s a mad doctor and the other a tech wizard, comes the perfect spot to brainstorm. Who would’ve though. So, here’s to the crazy ones. Photographers would find photogenic spots hidden in the corners and artists find leisure in doodling their cups for free coffee every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Surrounded by white brick walls, it is almost a calling to creative heads to treat it as a blank canvas where you are free to think whatever you can think of. Or if you prefer a place to ponder in privacy, ask the barista and they would provide you with a private room upstairs.

Cascara Serpong (Tangerang Best Coffee Shop)

Cascara Serpong (Tangerang Best Coffee Shop)

Not stopping at that, Cascara Coffee also understands that even the brightest minds can’t think on an empty stomach. Thus, Cascara provides light bites on the menu like brownies, pastries, or quiche, just enough to keep you thinking and not too much to cause a food coma. And of course, caffeine to keep you in the zone. You can choose your brain fuel from either coffee using fresh coffee beans roasted by the owner himself or tea selection provided by Heirloom. If you prefer sweets over caffeine, worry not cause there are also hot chocolate and taro latte on the menu.

Cascara Coffee Gading Serpong (Food Blogger Review)

If you’re not convinced yet why Cascara is worth visiting, come and experience the place yourself. Try it and who knows maybe you’ll find the perfect brainstorming spot like I did or maybe it would just become another coffee shop in the block. Either way, I hope you get to experience Cascara the way I did.


Cascara Coffee Gading Serpong

Opening hours:
Everyday: 9 AM to 9 PM

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