Coffee Aya and Its Take on Minimalism

Coffee Aya

Congested traffic. Messy workplace. Countless fake news. We live in a world where accumulation of things seems to exist everywhere, cluttering our minds with infinite amount of information. Coffee Aya is indeed not the first coffee shop that attempts to give people a break from all of that, but certainly one of the few that really sticks hard to its ideal. It’s back-to-basic, particularly in terms of ambience.

Located at busy Pasar Muara Karang, Coffee Aya provides a different experience compared to its lively neighbors, namely noodle stalls and seafood restaurant. The first floor interior is void of any knick-knacks, and the few furnitures are actually an extension of the wall, functioning as both the chair and the table. The second floor is also free of any distracting decor. If Coffee Aya was a person, it would definitely be Fumio Sasaki, the Japanese hardcore minimalist who only owns three shirts and four pairs of trousers.

Coffee Aya Pluit Muara Karang Review Blogger
Minimal begins here at the bar.
Coffee Aya
Stone. Very Zen.
Coffee Aya
Minimalistic despite the additional reflection
Coffee Aya
Americano (IDR 27K)

The sparsity of the whole space turns out to be a double-edged sword. It is in line with Coffee Aya’s minimalistic atmosphere, but the acoustic is unpleasant to the ears. Sounds hit the hard walls directly, making buzzing echo noise that is intensified by the number of people conversing. We didn’t feel the zen we thought we should experience.

Currently Coffee Aya is serving its own blend of Sumatra, Harum Manis Jawa Tengah, and Brazilian beans. There are limited non-coffee beverage options: chocolate, matcha, ice tea, and mineral water. No heavy sustenance, so make sure to eat beforehand if you plan on staying for a long time. Or you can always hop on next door.

Coffee Aya
Cappuccino (IDR 37K), Piccolo (IDR 27K)
Coffee Aya
Pour, pour, o’ lovely milk

Have Coffee Aya managed to provide a haven for all the noise and mess in Jakarta? Yes, from a visual standpoint. Having said that, Coffee Aya is a nice addition to North Jakarta’s coffee shop list. The more the merrier, right? The barista and staffs are also friendly, which is always, always an important feature.

Coffee Aya Muara Karang
Instagram: Click Here
Address: Ruko Niaga, Jalan Muara Karang Z8 No. 19, Pluit
Opening Hours: 8AM – 7PM
Google Maps: Click Here

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