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What if I were to tell you that there’s a good coffee shop in Kelapa Gading that’s as worth visiting as 1/15 or Woodpecker? Would you believe me? I can faintly hear you saying “You must be kidding me.” Well I’m not.

In fact, Coffee Tree Kelapa Gading has been around for more than a decade, way before the so-called third wave coffee hits Jakarta. Started from a family business, this coffee shop has no intention of expanding elsewhere. As a micro roastery, they take pride in producing small batches of coffee beans, only as they deem necessary. All to maintain the taste as fresh as possible.

Here, customers will be treated by more than a dozen of beans from all over Indonesia as well as their signature blend: Rich Bitter. However, what got me here in the first place was one of their most popular drinks that I kept on hearing about from one friend to another.

Bittersweet Coffee Tree Kelapa Gading (Indonesia Top Food Blogger)

Coffee Tree Moi (Wanderbites Indonesia Food Blogger & Travel Blogger) -101

Meet Bittersweet. A drink like no other. About 2/3 of chilled milk topped with 1/3 of hot-from-the-machine espresso. Reminds me a bit of Lattest in Omotesando, but a lot more milky. It is supposed to be sipped as it is, do not stir. I repeat: do not stir. The enjoyment comes from sipping it through the layers.

On the side, we also tried their Almond Roasted Latte, which was pretty flavorful. The kind of cup that’s easy to enjoy for the occasional coffee drinkers and definitely a good match with their fried cassava.

Chilled Espresso Coffee Tree Kelapa Gading (Indonesia Food Blogger & Travel Blogger) -103
Complimentary chilled espresso. I wonder how the crema stays intact!

As a fellow Northerners, Coffee Tree Kelapa Gading is growing to be one of my favorite places to work or meet. A dose of good caffeine and pretty fast wi-fi make The Captain a happy boy.


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Coffee Tree Kelapa Gading MOI
Kompleks Mall of Indonesia,
Kelapa Gading Square,
Blok C #38 A-B

Phone: 021 – 45866898/9

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 10:30 – 22:30

Google Map Location:

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  • tiramisunya disni to die forrr :D, been going to this coffeeshop since they just a small outlet in mall artha gading.. endeuss emangg

  • This one my favourite cafe too, since I live just nearby. Their kahlua coffee and chocolate drink also a must try :). I reviewed them once too on my blog feel free to comment as the expert haha

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