Homebound Coffee Gading, Coffee and Pempek to Welcome You Home

Homebound Coffee Gading Review

Ask any Gading coffee hoppers, and chances are Homebound Coffee is somewhere near the top, if not the top, of their favorite list. After a couple of visits, it’s easy to see why. While petite in size, Homebound Coffee makes up for it with big, quirky personality.

Homebound Coffee Gading Review
Pretty much the homiest coffee bar I’ve ever seen
Homebound Coffee Gading Review
Nice green views
Homebound Coffee Gading Review
Red Velvet Latte (IDR 30K)
Homebound Coffee Gading Review
Outdoor space

Occupying a small space at Jalan Kopyor Raya, Homebound Coffee could barely seat 15 people, plus the three goldfish that lives inside the aquarium. The place is almost always filled with patrons who one way or another know the people behind the coffee bar, or somehow end up talking with them. It’s a great coffee shop to meet your friends, as well as new people.

The experience of having a cup of coffee at Homebound is as unique as the place. Particularly due to the choice of snacks. Yes, they have soft, chewy cookies as well, but the signature snack is pempek. We’re not talking about pempek sold at random street vendors, but good, solid, Palembang-style pempek. The dish surprisingly goes well with a cup of coffee, but it is one of those times when the situation only works there. Can’t imagine pempek to work at any other coffee shop. Perhaps it should not come as a surprise that the owner has blood from that particular area.

Homebound Coffee Gading Review
Cappuccino (IDR 30K)
Homebound Coffee Gading Review
The iconic yellow door
Homebound Coffee Gading Review

Back to the topic of coffee, Homebound Coffee has an always-rotating roster of beans, so make sure to take a peek at the note glued to the coffee machine. Our cup of Java/Bali cappuccino tasted pleasantly caramelly with a pristine latte art. We’re sure you’ll have a great coffee no matter what the beans of the day is. Non-coffee choices include flavored lattes and tea.

Despite the gazillion number of coffee shops in Jakarta, I can confidently say that Homebound Coffee Gading is one of a kind. From the compact size to the warm people, from coffee to pempek, the place stays true to both the requirements of a home and a good coffee shop. It’s intimate, quirky, and full of your favorite stuffs. Lucky for you who consider yourself homies, the iconic yellow door will always welcome you home.

Homebound Coffee Gading Review
Nice coffee cups collection!
Homebound Coffee Gading Review
Affogato (IDR 30K)

P.S. Oui Dessert has dessert bar every Friday at Homebound Coffee from 5-9PM. Run by @ardikadwitama, it serves modern, interesting twists on dessert. The man has represented Indonesia in international competitions. Fun Fact: Oui Dessert is also @captainruby’s (a.k.a Wanderbites Boss ?) favorite dessert pop-up. We haven’t tried Oui Dessert at Homebound Coffee, but are totally interested to. Have any of you given it a go? We’d love to know!

Homebound Coffee Gading
Instagram: @homeboundcoffee
Address: Kopyor Raya Blok CC1 No.1, Kelapa Gading Permai, North Jakarta
Price Range: IDR 20-45K (beverage); IDR 20-85K (snacks)
Google Maps: Click Here


Photos by Jeloy Tirie and Michelle Sinjobantaeng

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Alexandra Karman

Coffee-induced chatterbox and lemon pie devotee. Associate writer at Wanderbites.com. Find my visual musings by clicking the icon below.

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