Kedai Kopi Kwang Koan Gading : Reminiscing Manado Old Style Coffee House

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It was only a month ago when I ventured to Manado on a culinary trip and I already miss the food, especially the warmth of rumah kopi and biapong. There’s something about sipping that cup of coffee among the crowd of locals and catching the word “ngana” and “pe” repeatedly in your ears that gets me going.

The good thing is I might have just found the cure for my cravings here at Kedai Kopi Kwang Koan Gading. Their name is borrowed from a rural area in Manado that’s well known for their traditional coffee shop. The man behind the manual-charcoal-brewed coffee pots is a Manadonese that goes by the name Johny Poluan. The location is strategically placed in one of the most Manadonese-populated areas, Kelapa Gading. The ambience closely resembles the typical rumah kopi in Manado. Everything about this place is just right. I can understand the amount of crowd that keeps flocking in and out just in the hour that we were there. Taste doesn’t lie.

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Armed with coffee beans from Toraja and a recipe inherited from his parents, Om Johny roasts the beans himself to get a consistent distinctive aroma and taste which probably you can only find at Kwang Koan. He also shared that he knows exactly the preference of his regular customers to the point that they don’t even need to order. They would just come and sit. He will tweak that cup of coffee to their preferred level of strength and sweetness. I’m so coming back here often just to see if he remembers my palate. You better be prepared Om Johny.

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Rumah Kopi & Biapong Kwang Koan Gading (Indonesian Food & Travel Blogger Wanderbites)

Their other signature dishes, Biapong is also as authentic as their coffee. You’ll find a few flavors to choose from: Pork, Chicken, Taosa, and Peanuts. I’ll definitely go for the pork. For the price tag, it is one of the most enjoyable bakpao I’ve ever tasted.

If you enjoy coffee, Kedai Kopi Kwang Koan Gading is definitely a place you need to visit. The kind of attention Om Johny puts into the cup is just remarkable. It goes to the point that he only uses French-made Duralex cups. Call it a culinary visit or a pilgrimage if you must, I can assure you there are plenty of stories to be shared and made here beyond each sip of coffee. As for me, I had a great time reminiscing old-school Manado coffee. That reason alone is more than enough to come back.

All hail Om Johny!

Have a good weekend, folks.

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Kedai Kopi Kwang Koan Gading
Jalan Kopyor Raya block Q1 No. 1

Foursquare : Kopi Kwang Koan

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