Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin: Highlighting Indonesian Snacks and Coffee

Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin

Move over coffee shops, you just got yourself a fierce competition. From March until the end of April 2017, Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin is presenting you with two special offerings: Jajanan Waroeng Kita and manual brew coffee. Le Chocolat has long been known as one of the prime meeting spots in Central Jakarta, and now they have kicked things up a notch with these two things.

Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Available until the end of April
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
You can enjoy this from 2 to 6 PM
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Manual Brew

While sitting on the comfy sofas of Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin, I take a really good look at the Jajanan Waroeng Kita menu. Twenty choices of Indonesian snacks, twelve savory and eight sweet. They have a wide range of dishes from Combro to Semar Mendem, from Pisang Goreng Keju to Kue Lumpur. Including 2 cups of coffee or tea, 3 items will set you back IDR 130K, 5 items IDR 210K, 7 items IDR 300K. Considering the quality of food and the location, this is a really sweet deal.

On the top of our favorite list is Tahu Goreng Isi Sayuran, which tastes just like tahu goreng isi at your typical street vendor, but with cleaner flavors and obviously better cooking oil, no plastic involved. In the sweet corner, honorable mention goes to Putri Noong, a cassava blend cake with steamed banana filling, topped with grated coconut—lovely texture and color. Looking at other tables, it seems that Jajanan Waroeng Kita is a big hit amongst customers.

Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Tahu Goreng Isi Sayuran
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Arem Arem
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Your next meeting place, maybe?
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Putri Noong

To fully immerse yourself in the luxurious Le Chocolat experience, a manual brew coffee is in order. They feature 5 Indonesian coffee beans—Java Sunda Aromanis, Flores Manggarai Lamba Leda, Bali Padang Payung-Cobra, Sulawesi Toraja Rantemario, and Sumatera Dolok Sanggul Tano Batak—in 4 different brewing methods—Syphon, Kalita Wave, Clever Dripper, and V60.

What makes this manual brew truly special is the way they present the coffee. You might have seen your coffee made behind a coffee bar before, but here’s what happen at Le Chocolat: You only need to chill on your seat. The barista will come over, set up a mini table, and make coffee fresh right right in front of your eyes. Meanwhile, feel free to watch and ask any question you might have about the coffee.

Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
The barista makes it look so easy.
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Fresh coffee, anyone?

During the demo, Mas Adrian the super smart barista made coffee using Java Sunda Aromanis beans in those 4 different techniques. It’s amazing how all of them resulted in distinct characteristics. The fruity taste is still evident in all four, but with different nuances. For example, with Syphon, there was this residual feeling at the back of your throat, while with V60 the coffee tasted lighter and clearer.

We think it’s awesome that Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin chooses to highlight traditional Indonesian recipes to both their Indonesians and foreigner patrons. People on the table behind us were speaking in English, and somewhere across the room someone was speaking in Chinese. Le Chocolat does a good job in presenting Indonesian snacks and coffee to their clientele, and we think you should give Jajanan Waroeng Kita and their manual brew a go too. Pick it as a place for meeting, or catching up with friends, maybe? Then you can always continue your food journey at Sana Sini for something more substantial ?. Remember guys, only the end of April 2017. Don’t miss your chance!

Jajanan Waroeng Kita is available every Monday to Friday from 2 to 6 PM

Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Le Chocolat Pullman Thamrin
Instagram: @pullman.jkt.indo
Address: Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav. 59
Google Maps: Click Here

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