Makna Coffee Kuningan City: The Pilot Episode

Makna Coffee Kuningan City

Ask any social media-savvy people in Jakarta, and chances are those familiar with Ernanda Putra or Keenan Pearce would have seen Makna Coffee at Kuningan City popping out here and there in Instagram. Every single milestone of Makna Coffee has been shown in their social media feed, including the first introduction and barista job vacancy.

In a post, Ernanda Putra said that Makna Coffee was born out of the idea of serving a good cup of coffee to their guests. We hope it’s not too far-fetched to hypothesize that it also doubles as a multitasking effort to maximize space. However, casual customers might find it confusing that the seating area is much smaller compared to the office space. But considering everything, they manage to look fetching with the least amount of investment possible, namely the most budget-friendly La Marzocco machine available in the market right now and the one-man operation.
Makna Coffee Kuningan City

Makna Coffee Kuningan City
Everything Makna Coffee has to offer comes from that black table
Makna Coffee Kuningan City
One-man operation
Makna Coffee Kuningan City
M for Makna
Makna Coffee Kuningan City
#ProTip: Take your coffee outside and enjoy it while soaking up some sun

The man behind the counter acts as a barista, cashier, and server. Thus it is no surprise that Makna Coffee keeps everything simple and #ServeNothingButCoffee. There are currently only 5 drinks on the menu, three white and two black coffee, no manual brew. It uses a self-roasted house blend of 100% Arabica beans. In a cup of cappuccino, it tastes rich, almost full-bodied. There are only minimal nuances of other flavors, and overall it caters to taste buds of the general public. Looking at its recent social media post, expect the addition of another flavored coffee drink in the near future.

Makna Coffee Kuningan City
Operational hours
Makna Coffee Kuningan City
That couch is all the seat you get at Makna Coffee

Makna Coffee Kuningan City Makna Coffee Kuningan CityWhile one does not need to brave the traffic to reach Kuningan City specifically for Makna Coffee, it still is a nice place to grab a cup of coffee on-the-go when you’re around the area. I think we can draw a quick conclusion that the main purpose of Makna Coffee is indeed first and foremost to provide themselves with decent coffee. Anything else is an extra. In other words, Makna Coffee is a safe pilot episode. As for whether it will generate new episodes in the future, we’ll have to wait and see.
Makna Coffee Kuningan City Makna Coffee Kuningan City
Makna Coffee
Instagram: @maknacoffee
Address: Kuningan City Mall GF
Price Range: IDR 23-30K (including tax)
Google Maps: Click Here

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