Nord Coffee, For The Monochromatically Inclined

Have you ever seen any all-black espresso machine in Jakarta? No? Yes? There are a lot of silver machines. A couple of whites and reds. Maybe some shiny blacks. But all-black, almost matte in color? Nord coffee shop in Pluit now has one: Victoria Arduino’s Black Eagle. What makes it significant is not the look or the hefty price tag of the machine, but how it fits to the concept of Nord.

To put things into perspective, let’s take one step backwards. The name: Nord. NôRD, to be precise.

Google Translate tells me that Nord is Danish for north, most likely referring to its location in North Jakarta. Simultaneously an ode to Nordic countries, perhaps? One certainly can’t help but think so. Nordic design features a lot of wood, black, and white; the monochromatic and masculine vibe of Nord follows that.

NORD Coffee
No coffee shop is complete without a huge window
NORD Coffee
Minimalist Nordic color palette

So, black espresso machine. Monochromatic colors. Let’s take one more step backwards to grasp the whole idea that is Nord.

The man behind ABCD School of Coffee, @kulikopi, is the one who came up with Nord’s concept and interior design. Coffee automatically gets a stamp of approval, and no wonder everything is so well-thought of down to the very last details. Like the type of chair used. Nord uses Leonard Theosabrata’s award-winning Accupunto chairs in black and white, which are very, very comfortable for your bottom.

It is interesting to notice that amidst all this ideal, you could still see personal touch here and there. Like the Star Wars knick-knacks displayed on the walls, or how the lady barista slash owner plays Jay Chou songs and speaks in Chinese when the visitors are still her acquaintances. Once regular customers roll in? Chill songs start playing.

NORD Coffee
Simple pleasures in life

While Nord doesn’t offer many types of food—only simple dishes, pastry, and the recommended risol—the simple allure of a proper coffee shop is hard to resist. All in all, Nord is another evidence of how North Jakarta is slowly becoming the new South. The growth has been rapid these past couple of months; Izakaya Kai is one of the recent ones that drive the wave. I can’t wait to see what else is going to pop up in the future!

NôRD Coffee
Instagram: Click Here
Address: Jl. Pluit Karang Timur No. 8
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Sat 7.30AM-6PM; Sun 10AM-6PM; Closed on Tue

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