Sekai Koffee Senopati: Coffee and Sushi Under One Roof

Sekai Koffee Review

Here is how I imagine the conversation between the men that resulted in the birth of Sekai Koffee Senopati went.

“Hey mate, our restaurant Sekai has been in business for a long time. What should we do next?”
“You know what? Coffee seems to be the norm these days. And we happen to love coffee anyway. Let’s do it.”

Because why else would you put a brand new coffee bar complete with a La Marzocco machine right in the middle of a well-established Japanese restaurant? I, for one, have to applaud this out-of-the-box location.

Sekai Koffee Senopati Review
Feel free to ask the barista anything. Super friendly!
Sekai Koffee Senopati Review
Cappuccino (IDR 35K)
Sekai Koffee Senopati Review
Sushi Hana

If the situation made you question the seriousness of Sekai Koffee, don’t. After all, the fact that Sekai the restaurant has been in business for almost 10 years means something. They’re being low-key, but consistent in quality. The same spirit must have been passed on to their new extension as well.

Armed with beans roasted by Morph Coffee, Sekai Koffee tries to impress coffee enthusiasts with its Sumatra and Brazil house blend, as well as an array of single origin beans at the filter bar. At the time of our visit, there were four: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Guatemala Finca Santo Isabel, Sulawesi Toraja, and Sumatra Dolok Sanggul Tano Batak.

Sekai Koffee Senopati Review
The coffee bar occupies a small space at Sekai restaurant
Sekai Koffee Senopati Review
There’s something hypnotic about the way coffee is being poured
Sekai Koffee Senopati Review
Ready to enter my mouth

Without further ado, let’s give it a go. Sushi and coffee. At the same time. So, a cup of bright and fruity filtered Guatemala coffee on my left hand. Sushi Hana on my chopsticks. I took a sip. Ate the sushi. Repeat several times. The result? I’m gonna be honest with you. Individually, each tasted great, but for consumption at the same time? Next time I’ll stick to ocha with sushi, and coffee with cakes—available in the pastry case.

To be fair, Sekai Koffee aims to be a separate entity from Sekai restaurant. You have to pay separate bills for coffee and sushi, and perhaps they do too think that coffee and sushi don’t really go together that well. Having said that, I had fun and good coffee at Sekai Koffee Senopati. The barista is also friendly, which is always a major plus. Price-wise, Sekai Koffee is also one of the most pocket-friendly coffee shops around South Jakarta. IDR 35K for filter coffee? Definitely a steal.

Sekai Koffee
Instagram: @sekai_koffee
Address: Jl. Suryo No. 30, Senopati
Price Range: IDR 30-45K (excluding tax & service)
Google Maps: Click Here


Photos by Jeloy Tirie

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