Woodpecker Coffee Panglima Polim : Made For Instagram

Woodpecker Coffee Panglima Polim (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog)

Made For Instagram

If you frequent Muji for visual and functional pleasure, then most probably you will fall in love with Woodpecker Coffee for the same reason. Being simple and uncluttered, the coffee shop serves its purpose even in such a tight space. Hip, but also inspiring. My kind of space.

Try sitting in their main bar area and you’ll find it is so accurately designed that it lets your hands and feet rest comfortably. That is also the case with their standing counter area and the rest of the shop. While most cafes are busy decorating their walls with cute quotes stolen from the internet, Woodpecker Coffee leave theirs clean and let the material shine.

Every tiny details and corners of Woodpecker Coffee is Instagram worthy. Instagenic as my friend, Jie would put it.

If you come over in the afternoon, you’ll have sunlight leaking through the glass wall. It creates a pretty shadow play for taking photos. Some people I know would grab a Monocle or Popeye from their stack of imported magazines. Well, not to read them of course, you know where I’m heading to. Let’s wrap it up and conclude that this place would make Instagrammers shouting in joy.

Woodpecker Coffee Jakarta (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog)
See what I mean? Visual pleasure.

What About The Coffee?

Now that the most important tips are taken care of, let’s talk some serious business. Ehm, maybe not Tim Wendelboe kind of serious. It’s more like a discussion between your neighborhood coffee geeks.

When me (the so-called coffee geek) and Daniel (the real coffee geek) bump into Arief of Morph Coffee, we know that the coffee is in good hands. At least for the beans. But how is it in a cup?

We tried their Espresso and Piccolo.

“It is rather offensive on the first sip, but it gets better as it travels through your mouth” says Daniel. I put on my i-am-nodding-to-respect-you-my-friend-but-what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about face and have my next sip until I get what he means. It’s kickin’ and yet still enjoyable. Likewise for the Piccolo. A smooth cup of conversational coffee, good ’til the final sip.

Espresso & Piccolo at Woodpecker Coffee Pangpol (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog)
Espresso & Piccolo.

Woodpecker Coffee Jakarta (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog)


Smart move, Atelier Kreasi (the people who brought us Mama Goose & Common House). Cheers from a fellow ex-Sydneysiders. I’m impressed. You successfully cater to what the neighborhood needs, what Jakartans want, and most importantly you make it easier for Instagrammers. And you do that while keeping a distinct identity.

In the following weeks to come, photos of people sipping coffee from your espresso cup with carefully crafted woodpecker logo will go viral. That concrete table would make cameos in pictures with these hashtags: #dailycortado #cipratancahaya #coffeegeeks. I just wish it wouldn’t get too crowded that it’s not fun anymore.

I wish you well. And open another one in PIK please.

That so-called coffee geek & guilty-as-charged Instagrammers.

Woodpecker Coffee Panglima Polim (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog) 006
This neon light is going be famous.

Woodpecker Coffee Jakarta
Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 23
Blok M, Jakarta Selatan
(Right across Mangia)

Instagram: @WoodpeckerJKT
Website: Woodpecker Jakarta

Google Map Location:

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