Bakmi Tua Bak : Newest Bakmi Bagan In Town

He stood right behind his stage. All set and ready for his showtime. And by stage I mean his hand-made kitchen with big pot of hot boiling water, empty bowls ready to be filled, and giant chopstick to play around with the noodle. In every couple minutes or so he’ll move to the other side of his tiny stall to check on his chasiew being smoked inside a traditional stove. One thing for sure, at any time of the day, he’s ready, the master is all set to cook you one of the best bakmi bagan in town.

The first time I encountered Bakmi Tua Bak was because my dad heard it from a friend of a friend.

Unlike gossips, food probably is the only word-of-mouth that I trust, because it literally goes from one tastebud’s approval to another.

After that, it must have been countless number of visits, delivery orders, and friends that I helped converted to be Bakmi Tua Bak’s evangelist. Current record: 15/17. That’s 88% conversion rate. Not bad at all. Now its your turn. I dare you to try them out.

Bakmi Bagan Tua Bak (Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)

Here’s a heads up though. Bakmi Tua Bak is a typical Bagansiapi-Api noodle. That’s my hometown, which probably why it suits my appetite really well. Its on the #thinteam. You know, noodles that are thin, somewhat curly and just a tad bit of chewy. It comes with generous amount of pork and dumplings. You can practically dump the dumplings, but behold and prepare to be astounded by their chasiew pork. Overall it is more inclined on the sweet side of the palate.

A pro tips: ask for “Chasio Thau”. Chasio is how the Hokkian’s say Chasiew. Thau literally means head. Together it means the thicker cut of a chasiew. You’ll thank me for that. It is one of smokiest chasiew I’ve ever tasted. Use your nose to savor it. Best!

Getting there is a bit of a hassle, but that’s the fun part of it. I’ve laid the directions and Google Map locations below to save you the trouble. Let me know what you think.

Btw, is there any Baganese here? Give me a shout out! #BaganPride



Bakmi Bagan Tua Bak Aladin Jelambar (Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)

Bakmi Tua Bak
(Bakmi Bagan / Bagansiapi-Api style noodle)
Jl. Aladin
Jelambar, Jakarta Utara

How to get here:
On Jalan Tubagus Angke, find Rumah Duka Jelambar on your left, then make a U-Turn right away. Turn left at the first bridge that you see. Take another left. Go straight for about 200m, the noodle stall is on the left side of the road.

Google Map Location

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  • Hi Ruby, just wanted to share some info. Tadi coba ke bakmi Tua Bak, tapi ternyata dia sudah digusur. Dia yang di pinggir kali itu bukan? Tanya orang sekitar katanya dia mau pindah ke ruko seberangnya, tapi belum ada kepastian.

    • Hi Andi,

      Terima kasih banyak untuk infonya. Iya hari Kamis kemarin aku dikabari hal yang sama oleh salah satu teman. Too bad kena gusur. Semoga dia segera dapat tempat baru. Aku ada no telp dia, nanti kalau ada update I’ll let you know on this comment section. =)

  • Hi…the look of this noodle is similar to the one in Mangga Besar, uhmmm, i think it’s Cong Sim. Are they the same type? Just curious. I am a noodle addict who used to live in Kelapa Gading for 29 years (before getting married), but now residing in South Jakarta, which….you know…sepi mie enak…so i’m counting on you…put that pressure on you.. haha…well…happy hunting!

    • Hi Jaime, I haven’t tried Cong Sim. But as I heard from friends it is a Medanese kind of noodle. Generally texture is more springy. Their toppings are also a mix of pork and oh so many other seafood. Taste is more on salty end me thinks. Tua Bak is very Bagansiapi-api. Noodle are softer (ehm they don’t have strong teeth apparently) and toppings are pork only. Taste is more on the sweet end. But you know what, taste is personal. Give it a try, if you don’t like it, no harm done. 😉

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