Bakso Aan PIK : Umami-Meaty Medanese Meatball

Bakso Aan PIK (Jakarta Street Food Wanderbites Travel Blog) -101

I thought my search for the best bakso have found its finale when I tasted Bakso Jagalan Surabaya a while ago. I couldn’t be more wrong. There’s a new kid on the block who’s gaining popularity among the Northerners and I trust their taste buds as they are picky beings. Rarely an establishment in PIK is that crowded during lunch hour unless it is that good in pleasing the tongue.

Bakso Aan PIK (Jakarta Street Food Wanderbites Travel Blog) -100

Bakso Aan PIK
is a typical Medan-shophouse kind of rumah makan. They put in as many tables as humanly possible to make the most of peak hours. One Ncek or Ncim in plain tees and crocs sandal sits behind the cashier overseeing the waiter and waitress while playing online games or betting on stocks. Minimum A/C. No music to liven up the ambience.

The only sound you’ll hear are the noise of chatter, people slurping the tasty broth and the oooh and aaah they do during mouthgasm.

Despite all the drawbacks, people are willing to pay IDR 35K for a bowl of meatball. I don’t mind too. I’ve been here more than three times in just two weeks time. I guess it’s true that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly.

Bakso Aan Jakarta (Wanderbites Indonesia Top Food Blogger)

Bakso Aan PIK serves the important elements right. The soup is wonderfully seasoned, umami-meaty but still relatively light bodied and doesn’t leave you feeling bloated afterwards. The kind that would make you want more and more until the last drop. Not all the meatballs are inspiring though. Their fish ball for instance is mediocre at best, but their bakso urat is one of a kind, great texture and flavor. You’ll see the difference when you slice them in half.

I guess I’ve spent enough adjectives to describe the superiority of Bakso Aan PIK. But in case you are the lazy reader type, and you skimmed through all the paragraphs above, just remember this: you don’t want to miss this one out.

Bakso Aan PIK
Ruko Elang Laut
Jl. Elang Laut Boulevard / Pantai Indah Selatan 1
Pantai Indah Kapuk
(Right next to Pala Adas Restaurant)

Opening Hours:
Everyday 10AM – 10PM

Google Map Location:

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  • really? 35k for a bowl of meatball in a regular “rumah makan”? hahaha.. it’s fair though.. lokasi di PIK, semestinya semua harga kurang lebih sama yaa :))

  • Sllurrrppp! Gila rubbb gw lngsung laper gara2 liat postingan kinsky and lo. Im gonna try it soon haha. Thanks for the blog!

  • Hihihi…org Jkt baru mulai heboh yah ini… di Medan ada beberapa yang enak juga sih. Bakso Aan ini termasuk yang sweet based. Marinated beef nya agak manis (walau sudah byk yg suggest di tone down). Bakso Aan ini termasuk sodara-an ama Bakso Lebong yang mirip juga (they’re both fierce competitor now). Di Medan sendiri gw lebih suka ke tempat pusatnya di Jalan Singa. Kalo outlet lain yah personally gw ga saranin, karena SDM nya kurang dan lebih banyak pengawetnya. Salah satu ciri khas makan disini yah keringatan belepotan ama ingusan karena cabenya pedes banget..dan biasanya suka dimix sendiri ama kecap manis, tapi ntah la yah kalo cabe di jakarta ga sepedes Medan hehehe…

    Kalo utk broth yang lebih umami, sebenarnya gw lebih pilih yg ini sih

    ya dah tar lu ke Medan lagi kabarin, tak bawain tes satu satu hehehe… peace!

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