Tried & Tested: Legendary Soto Betawi in Jakarta

Legendary Soto Betawi

Jakarta takes Soto Betawi seriously. Although the city is a melting pot of many cultures, as can be seen in our diverse culinary scene, Soto Betawi remains as one of those few classic offerings from Betawi people—regarded by many as native Jakartans. Everyone has different interpretations and preferences of Soto Betawi, which is reflected by the different nuances of each soto in this list.

It is a no surprise that these Soto Betawi places manage to survive for decades. Paired with a plate of hot rice, Soto Betawi is comfort food. It’s Jakarta. It’s home. Without further ado, this is our take on legendary Soto Betawi in Jakarta.

1. Soto Roxy Haji Darwasa

Soto Roxy Haji Darwasa Review-3
Soto Roxy for lighter flavor

When talking about this legendary Soto Betawi, people usually refer to it as “that soto place behind Apotek Roxy.” It has been around since 1948, when perhaps your parents weren’t even born yet. Love the light use of santan inside the broth, as it highlights other ingredients really well. Fun fact: This is the only place where the kikil (knuckles) is thinly sliced, giving it a unique feel inside your mouth. Read all about it here.

Address: Jl. Tidore No. 2
Google Maps: Click Here
Other outlets: Gading Serpong, Alam Sutera, Cengkareng, Cibubur, Kelapa Gading

2. Soto Betawi Haji Mamat

Legendary Soto Betawi
Everyone’s favorite at Haji Mamat: Soto Oseng-Oseng

This Tangerang-based soto specialist has a group of hardcore fans that swear that no other soto place will ever come close to Haji Mamat’s flavorful santan broth. I think this one is a bit on the guiltier side of the health scale, but it is undeniable that the broth is indeed something special. Recommended menu: Soto Oseng-Oseng Daging.

Address: Jl. Mandala Raya No. 10
Google Maps: Click Here
Other outlets: Gading Serpong, AEON Mall, PIK, Kelapa Gading, Plaza Semanggi, Bekasi, and many more

3. Soto Betawi H. Ma’ruf

Legendary Soto Betawi
Dine like the President at Soto H. Ma’ruf

The one with the bragging rights (President Jokowi has been here) and the iconic location (Taman Ismail Marzuki). This is the place to go for classic Soto Betawi flavors. In terms of taste, everything is perfectly ordinary. The kind of soto you would offer to someone who hasn’t eaten Soto Betawi before. The place is most likely the cleanest out of the bunch as well.

Address: Kompleks Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jalan Cikini Raya No. 73
Google Maps: Click Here
Other outlets: Hotel Godila Gondangdia, Vanilla Café Kebon Sirih

4. Soto Betawi H. Husen

Legendary Soto Betawi
Manggarai’s best-kept secret

If you wanted to have a taste of Soto Betawi H. Husen, you gotta be quick. They open at 7 in the morning, and most of the times everything will be gone by 1 in the afternoon. Parking is a disaster, but the taste of Soto Betawi H. Husen is worth the headache. Flavorful santan broth (slightly lighter compared to Haji Mamat), tender meat, and killer paru goreng.

Address: Jl. Padang Panjang No. 6B-6C
Google Maps: Click Here
Other outlets: Not available

5. Soto Jakarta Bang Madun

Legendary Soto Betawi
The quirky soto with peanuts

Soto Bang Madun is perhaps the quirkiest out of the bunch, as it is the only one that incorporates peanuts in the broth. It also has the best pickles (soaked long enough in vinegar, giving it a nice acidity), which taste insanely good when mixed with the salty broth. Don’t be too surprised of the location though, just right next to an animal market.

Address: Jl. Barito 1, Blok M
Google Maps: Click Here
Other outlets: Not available

6. Soto Betawi Bang Mamat

Legendary Soto Betawi
For those living in North Jakarta

Another soto by the name of Mamat, but it is different from Haji Mamat, or even Bang Haji Mamat. Perhaps not as well-known as the others, but Bang Mamat certainly has its loyal customers in Muara Karang area. Good ol’ solid soto, and when it comes to taste, I would say it’s neck and neck with Soto Betawi H. Ma’ruf. Opens everyday after 6 PM.

Address: Jalan Muara Karang Raya (near Sky Resto & Café)
Google Maps: Click Here (Sky Resto & Café)
Other outlets: Not available

So did your favorite legendary Soto Betawi make it to the list? Which one is it?

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  • As a resident of Muara Karang, Soto Bang Mamat is always a favorite, I don’t think the legendary Soto Mamat Tangerang is that good, just okay I guess. Anyway, does soto tangkar is considered a soto betawi? I’m curious..

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