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The beauty of Baconerie Kemang lies in its natural artisanal food. Homemade sausage, patty, jams, buns and cured bacon are just a few tricks under their sleeves to make satisfied tastebuds happily share the good news to others. Indeed, Baconerie Kemang is one of the few that do practically zero promotion but grow steadily instead from mouth to mouth. I myself stumbled on them from Manual‘s review. I love these kind of restaurants, as they let the food do the talking, and boy do they talk loud. Loud and clear.

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On my visit, I tried their Baconerie Burger. A house special that quickly won my approval. I am salivating as I’m writing these lines. It’s how a burger should be. Simple yet powerful. It let the homemade mix of beef & pork patty shine with medium rare treatment. Pink and juicy on the inside, with a dash of crunch on the outside. Not stopping at that, they added crispy cured bacon on top of the patty and fresh greens. It is as if the creator of the burger wanted to show off how far he / she can go to indulge the customers. Well, take my money, Sir, take my money!

If you’re skipping pork, try other menu on their specials. There’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich or the vegetarian friendly Rabbit Food that’s made of greens, pickled onion, shiokoji marinated mushrooms, cashew nuts, raisin and carrots. Enough protein, carbs, and fiber for a meal’s intake. All at the range of IDR 70K – 90K.

All day breakfast are available too for those who are looking for classic American treats. Pancakes, eggs & meats, or sandwiches are aplenty to choose from.

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I surely hope that Baconerie are here to stay. It’s great to know that you’re spending the similar amount of money as when you’re going to one of those restaurants that are busy selling ambience and concept, but you get the better quality and better tasting food.

Stick around Baconerie!

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Baconerie Kemang
Jl. Benda Raya No. 1C
Jakarta Selatan, 12560

+6221 78838291

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 7AM – 7PM
Closed Monday

Google Map Address:

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