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Baji Pamai Kelapa Gading (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog)

There’s something about bakmi that attracts people, connect people and sometimes even grow them into a cultish fan-base. These groups more often than not falls into one extreme and oppose the other extreme. For instance, if you’re on #teamthick you’d most probably dislike thin noodle. If you’re on #teamcurly you’d most probably dislike straight ones.

I myself am on #teamthin and #teamcurly with personal preferences on springy noodle that taste best when mixed with chilli. I found it on Bakmi Bagan and definitely don’t find what I want on Baji Pamai’s rendition of bakmi.

Baji Pamai Kelapa Gading (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog)
Chicken & Pork toppings are available. Big bowl IDR 36K. Small bowl IDR 33K.

As promoted, Baji Pamai is Ujung Pandang’s take on noodle. Its on #teamthick almost super thick I must say. It’s real close to locupan. Very springy and a little bit curly. It comes with two choices of topping: chicken and pork. I had both and come to the conclusion that it is okay but the pork was not up to par to Baji Pamai’s popularity. With so many branches in Jakarta you would expect the meat as the soul of the noodle would be something extraordinary. It was not. I definitely have had better.

What do you think? Which team are you on? Do you have your own favorite noodle? Let me know on the comments below, or post it on Instagram, mention me at @captainruby and put #recommendmie on. Let’s share the variety of noodles around town.

As of now, the numero uno on my chart is still Bakmi Bagan Tua Bak.


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Bakmi Baji Pamai

Baji Pamai Location #1
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok FV1 No. 29 – 31
Kelapa Gading Permai
North Jakarta
Ph. +6221-4521946

Baji Pamai Location #2
Gading Walk (MKG2)
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta

Opening Hours:
Daily 10:00 – 24.00

Google Map Location #1:

Google Map Location #2:

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