BAKE Cheese Tart Indonesia: The OG That Inspired Everyone

Bake cheese tart indonesia

It’s not about who started first, but the quality of the product. The cheese tart that is the inspiration behind oh-so-many cheese tarts in Japan has made its way to Jakarta. Finally. Kinotoya’s BAKE Cheese Tart Indonesia perhaps comes a bit later to our capital city’s Japanese cheese tart and cake scene compared to the others, but its arrival feels more special. We’re willing to bet that the result of We Try Everything: Best Japanese Cheesecake in Jakarta would turn out differently if BAKE was around at the time.

BAKE’s first outlet first opened six years ago in Hokkaido. It quickly became the nation’s favorite, and three years later they became available in Tokyo. It is said that in 2015 BAKE sold 10 million tarts in Japan—more than 27000 tarts sold per day. Before making its way to Jakarta, BAKE has also set up shop in a number of countries in Asia, including Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore.


Bake cheese tart indonesia

Bake cheese tart indonesia
The OG (Original Gangsta)

Bake cheese tart indonesia

Bake cheese tart indonesia
Grand Indonesia – West Mall
Bake cheese tart indonesia
Freshly baked BAKE cheese tart

So what’s so special about BAKE cheese tart? The tart skin is crunchy, perfectly baked twice until golden brown. Meanwhile, the cheese filling is made of four types cheese, three from Japan and one from France. The flavor is subtle, cheesy without overpowering your whole palate. It will not leave any kind stickiness or unpleasant feeling at the roof of your mouth. The cheese tart is served as warm, but feel free to put it in your fridge or freezer to get the texture that suits your taste best. If we had to compare BAKE to what’s available on the market before its arrival, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart would be the closest.

Besides the cheese tart, another major point of difference from BAKE Indonesia is the Japanese hospitality. Although BAKE’s outlet in Grand Indonesia is small and there’s no place to sit, the staffs welcome you with a big smile on their face and always bids you thank you for shopping. We also notice the attention to detail that the staff is practicing in every action. Even when it’s something as simple as folding the take-away paper bag in a proper manner.
Bake cheese tart indonesia Bake cheese tart indonesia

Bake cheese tart indonesia
The crust is double baked for optimum crunchiness
Bake cheese tart indonesia
The cheese filling is made of 4 types of cheese
Bake cheese tart indonesia
Hopefully we’ll see more BAKE outlets all across Jakarta

Jakartans’ passion for Japanese cheese tart and cake may have peaked sometime late last year or early this year. You may not see a ridiculous amount of people lining at BAKE Indonesia either, but know this: BAKE is the cheese tart. The one you should try. The benchmark. With that being said, now excuse me, I shall grab another cheese tart from my fridge.

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