Burgreens Jakarta: Healthy Eating for The Conscious Eater

Burgreens Jakarta

No matter what you like to call yourself—a vegan, a vegetarian, an omnivore, or even an almost-carnivore—Burgreens Jakarta and its selection of plant-based food will leave a lasting impression on you.

For vegans and vegetarians, perhaps for obvious reasons. Finding a vegan friendly restaurant in Jakarta is not easy, especially one that serves both vegan and gluten-friendly food options. It feels like you’ve hit the jackpot once finding out about Burgreens. The variety of burgers, breakfast menus, snacks, salads, rice and pasta dishes, juices, smoothies, and desserts are astounding, plus they offer catering and meal plans as well. Meanwhile, omnivores shall prepare to get their palate introduced to yummy flavors that they would have not thought could come out of only plants. In Burgreens’ own words, its food tastes naughty, but healthy. I could not have picked a better term.

Burgreens Jakarta
Burgreens Dharmawangsa
Burgreens Jakarta
Love this spot
Burgreens Jakarta
Burgreens also offers catering service
Burgreens Jakarta
Everything on this tasty-looking table is vegan
Burgreens Jakarta
Crispy Tofu Burger (IDR 58K)

Burgreens Jakarta, just like any good restaurant out there, plays with your senses. When Crispy Tofu Burger arrives on the table, it’s hard not to marvel at the way the sesame seeds neatly coat the tofu, not to mention the color contrast between the purple sweet potato chips and the orangish “almost mayonnaise”. The presentation invites you to take a bite, and when you do, your mouth gets attacked with texture, sweetness, saltiness, and a little bit of tanginess from the sauce. Crispy Tofu Burger is simply tasty, and it makes me forget that I’m eating a vegetarian menu.

A slightly different experience happens with Raw Strawberry Cheesecake. Visually it looks like a spot-on replica of strawberry cheesecake, tricking my brain into searching for that particular flavor. The first spoon surprises me, as cheese is the farthest thing from my mind. The second spoon gives me a strong coconut taste, the main ingredient of this dessert. Next I get the nutty taste of activated cashews (cashews that have been soaked and dried to prevent digestive problems), which are used as crust and garnish. My brain keeps on going, searching for flavors associated with cheesecake, but before I know it, I’ve eaten the whole cake. Then I realize that the cake is actually pretty good.
Burgreens Jakarta Burgreens Jakarta

Burgreens Jakarta
Raw Strawberry Cheesecake (IDR 52.5K)
Burgreens Jakarta
Vegan and gluten free

Beyond the food, Burgreens Jakarta possesses a lot of inspiring qualities. Its passion for healthy food, the environment, and social issues are palpable when one takes the time to read more about the company and how it operates. Conscious eaters will be delighted to know that Burgreens can tell you exactly where its veggies, rice, and nuts come from and how they are grown.

If you are one of those skeptics who do not believe in vegan friendly places, come to Burgreens. Have a taste of the food, get to know the brand better, and I believe you will leave with a different mindset afterwards.
Burgreens Jakarta Burgreens Jakarta Burgreens JakartaBurgreens is also featured in our WHAT THE HEALTH article.

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