Chef's Bakery & Cafe Jakarta: Korean Bakery, International Flavors

Chef's Bakery Jakarta (Best Bakery In Jakarta)-9

What are the popular eateries in Wolter Monginsidi? I bet you can name at least one of your favorites here. From the legendary Mandala to the famous Korean Born Ga, or the recently opened Holy Smokes, there’s always something for every kind of craving. Adding to that long list of choices, comes Chef’s Bakery & Cafe. A relatively new kids on the block specialising in Korean bakery while at the same time offering a wide range of International food on their second floor cafe.

The space is huge, well decorated with a mix of vintage library look and Indonesian ornaments, but the best feature is the sun lit room. I can imagine spending a lot of time here taking pictures just to make the most of the natural light. More on that, you can enjoy through these photos. Now let’s chow down the food.

Chef's Bakery Jakarta (Best Bakery In Jakarta)-1

Chef's Bakery & Cafe Jakarta (Best Bakery In Jakarta)-1

Their menu caters to a large crowd with extensive list of Western, Italian and Indonesian food with a dash of Korean touch here and there. I ventured a few of their specialties as suggested by their waitress: Cordon Bleu Seafood Risotto and Bibimbap Panini. The first one is every man’s wish come true. The portion is big enough to share for two, also they are very generous on the toppings. Not stopping at that, do you see the melting cheese coming from the slice of cordon bleu? Here I am drooling just from looking at the picture. The second one for me takes quite a particular tongue to enjoy because of its unique taste. The creamy cheese can be a bit over-the-top for some, but try slicing it into smaller bites, and eat slowly—that should do the trick.

Chef's Bakery & Cafe Senopati (Best Bakery In Jakarta)-6
Cordon Bleu Seafood Risotto
Chef's Bakery & Cafe Senopati (Best Bakery In Jakarta)-6
Bibimbap Panini

Chef's Bakery & Cafe Senopati (Best Bakery In Jakarta)-6

Chef's Bakery & Cafe Senopati (Best Bakery In Jakarta)-6

Now I believe you agree that no meal is complete without dessert. I wouldn’t miss it too, especially when I see Chef’s Bakery has Pat Bing Soo on the menu. That fresh looking Mango was just screaming out of the menu to be eaten, and yes they are just as fresh and juicy as pictured. A little nearing the end of the meal, the waitress introduces Schneeballen, a classic German bread that comes with a wood hammer to crack the choco ball. I wasn’t expecting much, but it turns out to be a great closing to an enjoyable lunch.

Chef's Bakery Senopati

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Chef's Bakery & Cafe

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Chef’s Bakery & Cafe
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 40
(Right across Bubur Kwang Tung)

Opening Hours:
Daily 10AM – 10PM

Phone: 021-7211146

Google Map Location:

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