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Chronicle Jakarta Coffee & Cocktails Wijaya (Review by Wanderbites)

Chronicle Jakarta caught my attention in instant for three major reasons. One, the amount of details put into the place is simply eye-pleasing. Their copper coffee sets and prism coffee cups won me over big time. Two, Yoshi, Indonesian Barista Champion is one of the team behind Chronicle. And three, the idea of marrying coffee & cocktails has been on my mind since I visited Fuglen in Tokyo last week.

Built on the idea of a newspaper, Chronicle represents something essential to your life. Something you look forward to on a daily basis, be it coffee, cocktails, tea, juices or simple comfort food. Yep, from classic Cappuccino to unusual creations like Espresso Martini to Mie Belitung, you can find it here at Chronicle.

Well as for me, I got here to do some procaffeinating. In just minutes within our arrival, Yoshi quickly show off his talent using the sexy looking Kees van Der Westen Speedster. Two beautiful cups of cappuccino begins our afternoon. Using beans from Common Grounds, the taste is consistent with what you’ll get there. Oh, one thing that particularly amaze me was how the foam stayed decent for a long time. A mark of excellent treatment from the barista champion.

Chronicle Jakarta Wijaya Coffee & Cocktail (Wanderbites Food Blogger Indonesia)

Chronicle Coffee Wijaya Jakarta (Wanderbites Food & Travel Blogger)

While me, Jie, Daniel & Yoshi got busy tossing jokes and conversations, Johnny, the Latte Art Champion prepared our next feast. Malabar beans manually brewed on V60, resulting in light, nicely enjoyable coffee. The hints of jackfruit wasn’t noticeable at the beginning, but after a while it shows up. My palate needs a bit of a warm up as it seems.

Just when I thought we’re done with our daily dose of caffeine, Yoshi turns to one of his guy’s and called out their artisan tea to close the day. They have at the moment White Peony, Lemongrass Ginger and Hibiscus Blackcurrant from Jing. A lovely close to a lovely afternoon. I guess it won’t be long until I start my daily subscription to Chronicle.

Chronicle Jakarta Coffee & Cocktails Wijaya-106 copy

Chronicle Jakarta Wijaya Coffee & Cocktails (Wanderbites Food Blogger)

I shall come back for the cocktails pretty soon & their Belitung noodles. The cooks said it is pretty authentic with shrimp broth and all. Final note to those who are planning to come here, if the parking gets crowded, just park at the neighboring Dharmawangsa Square. It is a pretty close walk from there.



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Chronicle Jakarta Coffee & Cocktails Wijaya-102 copy

Chronicle Jakarta – Coffee & Cocktails
Address: Jalan Wijaya 2 No. 73
(Just right next to Dharmawangsa Square)

Opening Hours:
Daily 11AM – 10PM

Instagram: @chroniclejkt

Google Map Location:

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