Go Katsu: Affordable Nabe at Plaza Senayan

Go Katsu Review

Who would’ve thought that Plaza Senayan is the place to be for everything katsu? First there’s Katsutoku who caters to hardcore katsu enthusiasts with premium quality dishes, now there’s also Go Katsu who offers budget-friendly meals involving katsu.

While Go Katsu only occupies a small space at the food court, it reaches out to customers way beyond Plaza Senayan visitors. As the name implies, it is also available for purchase via Go-Food. Add that convenience with friendly price tag, Go Katsu offers the ultimate combo for starving office workers and college students looking to spice up their kantin routine.

Go Katsu Review
The Instagram-famous nabe
Go Katsu Review
Go Katsu’s stall at Plaza Senayan food court
Go Katsu Review
The set menu includes white rice, miso soup, and crackers

Go Katsu is first and foremost a nabe specialist. Nabe is traditionally a soupy hot pot dish that contains various ingredients such as beef, noodles, and eggs. Here at Go Katsu, the choice of is between shrimp or chicken katsu, thus the name. You then have to pick between original, sweet chili, or spicy sauce. Further personalization can be done by adding cheese (or double cheese!) and toppings (extra katsu, chikuwa cheese, or crab stick) if you wish. For times when the weather is simply not sensible for soupy dishes, Go Katsu also offers rice sets.

Both nabe and rice sets come with crackers, white rice, and miso soup. Shrimp Katsu Set is hard to beat for its IDR 40K price: Three perfectly deep fried shrimps, katsu sauce, mayo, and a mini mountain of shredded cabbage. Meanwhile, Chicken Katsu Sweet Chili Nabe with Cheese is an intriguing hot pot of chicken katsu soaked in a sour and slightly spicy broth. The additional cheese is a personal choice and something I’d most likely skip next time.

Go Katsu Review
Chicken Katsu Sweet Chili Nabe with Cheese (IDR 35K + IDR 13K for additional cheese)
Go Katsu Review
Shrimp Katsu Set (IDR 40K)
Go Katsu Review
Fried shrimp: yum!

In the context of affordable and convenient Japanese food in Jakarta, Go Katsu is a strong contender. Yes, you should probably eat somewhere else when looking for food that would knock your socks off. But considering the price, the nice-sized portion, and the comforting, familiar flavors, I’ll most likely order Go Katsu again on one of my lunch crisis.

Go Katsu
Instagram: @gokatsu.id
Address: Plaza Senayan Food Court
Price Range: Set menu starts at IDR 35K
Google Maps: Click Here

Photos by Jeloy Tirie

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