H Gourmet And Vibes Gunawarman : A Quick Review

H Gourmet & Vibes Gunawarman Jakarta (Wanderbites Indonesia Top Food & Travel Blogger) -103

In less than a month, H Gourmet And Vibes set itself apart from its fellow eateries in the culinary triangle of Gunawarman-Senopati-Wolter. Occupying a huge three stories space, it contends the competition with dark-toned New York inspired interior (complete with the huge clock), bright neon lights, wall-sized window, a bar and catchy lively tunes.

I like how they categorize their menu differently. Munch for appetizers. Pots for soups. Roots for salads. House mains for main course and Closure for dessert. Food mostly are American-angled soul food, from Buffalo Wings to Philly Cheese Burger.

I’ve seen pictures of their burger scattered online here and there, but I have a feel that’s not where H Gourmet’s strength lies in. I went with my gut feeling and chose Jerky Chicks (IDR 85K) instead. It’s a jerk seasoned grilled chicken which they described as Jamaican favorite dish. Well now its my favorite dish too. Juicy, well seasoned, well cooked, although I would prefer to have the bitterness toned down a bit.

H Gourmet And Vibes Gunawarman Jakarta (Wanderbites Indonesia Top Food & Travel Blogger) -100

H Gourmet & Vibes Senopati Gunawarman Jakarta (Wanderbites Indonesia Top Food & Travel Blogger) -101

Second dish of the day was Rise & Shine (IDR 75K), H Gourmet and Vibes’s house pan-seared rice. Just like the first dish, this is a rather exotic menu. A Middle-East inclined dish that looks plain but pretty flavorful in the mouth. Although, I believe it is not made for everyone’s tongue.

To close this quick review, I’d say it is a great spot to eat & late night chill. I wouldn’t come back that often though for the simple reason that the divide between smoking & non-smoking area is a blurry lines. If I were to pay that much, I would love to enjoy the ambience they way that I prefer it. But aside from that, kudos to H Gourmet and Vibes. I can’t wait to see what you guys cook up on the first floor.

To infini-food and beyond,

Fellexandro Ruby
Instagram: @captainruby

H Gourmet Senopati Jakarta (Wanderbites Indonesia Top Food & Travel Blogger) -104

H Gourmet And Vibes Senopati
Jl. Gunawarman No. 41
Senopati, Jakarta

Phone: 021-27510167
Instagram: @HGourmetVibes

Opening Hours:
Everyday 11AM – 12PM

Google Map Location:

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