Honu Kemang Poké Bowls: Gotta Eat ‘Em All

Honu Kemang Review

Honu Kemang poké bowls are so tasty, I need to catch ‘em all. Oops. I mean I need to taste ‘em all.

The pun is inevitable. Poké bowls and pokéballs sound so similar that you can’t help but drawing a parallel. Both are fun and addicting in their own ways. Pokéballs and everything Pokemon might have peaked in 2016, but now in 2017, it’s time for poké bowls.

Honu Kemang Review
Welcome to Honu!
Honu Kemang Review
Island vibes
Honu Kemang Review
Everything just screams chill
Honu Kemang Review
Cookies, anyone?

Poké bowls are Hawaiian-style bowl of rice and marinated raw fish. The classic version mainly involves tuna, but it can also be made with salmon, tofu, or octopus. When it boomed in the US last year, quinoa, zucchini, and noodles made appearances as well. Rumor has it the Hawaiians were not too happy about these variations.

At Honu Kemang, five poké bowls are ready to take you to a mental trip to Hawaii: The Skinny, Yugo, Two & Two, Tofu Bowl, and Honu-Lulu. All of them either use Ahi Tuna, tuna, salmon, or tofu as the hero of the dish. You may choose to have white sushi rice or brown rice.

Honu Kemang Review
Mini outdoor space
Honu Kemang Review
Pretty spacious, eh?
Honu Kemang Review

Wanderbites Team tried the first three bowls: The Skinny, Yugo, and Two & Two. All tasted fresh and light with clean flavors. It was a consensus between us that Two & Two was the favorite. The creamy sauce gave salmon, tuna, wakame, lettuce, carrots, and tempura crunch a nutty twist. Ono!

Another thing that Honu takes pride in is the matcha. There are five variations of matcha drinks, made using 100% organic matcha sourced directly from Kagoshima, Japan. They are great complements to the outstanding poké bowls.

Honu Kemang Review
Details, details.
Honu Kemang Review
Opening hours

Honu poké bowls and matcha. Definitely two I won’t mind having over and over again, especially at such a cool, laid back place. Soft white-green hues, laid-back music, and just overall good vibes. I think Honu will spark more poké bowls centric places in the future, and I certainly don’t mind at all. More healthier food options in Jakarta? Yes, please. Welcome to the year of poké bowls.

P.S. Who knows, maybe you can have poké bowl and get a pokéball at the same time? I will have to check whether there is any pokestop near Honu Kemang on my next visit.

Honu Poké & Matcha Bar Kemang
Instagram: @honueats
Address: Jl. Kemang Selatan Raya No. 125
Price Range: IDR 40-100K (poké bowl); IDR 15-40K (drinks)
Google Maps: Click Here

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