Izakaya Kai : I Humbly Receive


A phrase used interchangeably with Bon Appetite. Usually, before taking that first bite of a meal and after taking tons of photos. More than for sounding cultured though, have we ever asked what it actually means?

Nope. Its more than just “Dig in!” or “Let’s eat!” If you trace to the roots, Itadakimasu means I humbly receive. Instead of something horizontal among your dining companions, it is a vertical and personal statement between you and The Universe. Some consider it on par with when Christians say grace.

In the same spirit of curiosity, do you ever asked what Izakaya and Japanese food means at the roots?

Chef Adhika Maxi, Karen Carlotta and Tempura Master Hitoshi Kimura aim to bring you that at Izakaya Kai, authentic Japanese food as they experienced in Japan with personal creative dust here and there. On its pre-opening dinner yesterday, we had the privilege to taste some of their specialties, thanks to Om J & Dek J. All the dishes hit us on a personal note. One was so ecstatic-ly happy that she burst into laughter. One couldn’t handle so much goodness he cursed. For all the good reasons though. As for me, I just can’t wait to share the good news with you. Nothing brings me more joy than finding a new establishment worth spending my effort writing about it.

Wagyu Beef Bowl Izakaya Kai Pluit
Wagyu Beef Bowl will take you from 0-100 MPH in a bite

To start with, let me take you to this glorious Wagyu Beef Bowl. Dry rubbed A5, seasoned, smoked and grilled with such intensity that warrants a second bowl order or at least a strong craving the day after. Maxi, you caught us off guard. We thought we’re going to start slow, but we were taken from 0 to 100mph in a dish. And we remained at that climax until the last menu.

I won’t spoil it too much for you, but take a look at this Slow Cooked Pork and the bowl of Soba. Don’t be deceived by the simple look, they both pack a good dose of umami and their each unique taste. There’s a strong shoyu and plum-ish flavor on the pork and ginger on the soba. Both were amazing. And I found myself going down memory lane. To that soba place hidden on Omoide Yokocho, and a bit further back to Ginza Torishige, that one of a kind yakitori place. Then and there I realised, Kai has did it. I just traveled with my taste buds.

Izakaya Kai Pluit Review

Izakaya Kai Pluit Review

Izakaya Kai Pluit Review

Izakaya Kai Pluit Review

Izakaya Kai Pluit Review

Izakaya Kai Pluit Review

Izakaya Kai Pluit Review

I know for sure now, the next time I’m back at Izakaya Kai, I am humbly receiving the blessings presented upon me, for I know The Universe has provided and the Chef has meticulously prepared excellence & authenticity in every dish.



PS: Thank you Maxi for making North the new South *fist bump*

Izakaya Kai
Jalan Pluit Kencana No. 59
RSVP: 021-22663966 (Reservation is strongly recommended)

Google Map Location:

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