Kedai Sari Kelapa Gading : Underrated Good Food

Ayam Bakar Kedai Sari Gading (Food Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)

A research was made once in a supermarket where in-store sales display and let people try 5 choices of jam and the next day they display 13 choices of jam. Guess which day they make more sales?

If your answer is the first day then you are right. There’s this thing called decision paralysis. When more choices are presented to you, logically it should be easier to discover what you like. However, the opposite is what actually happens. I find a similar case with Kelapa Gading. Whenever I’m in the neighborhood I’m happy with oh-so-many food to eat, but frankly I’m overwhelmed. I couldn’t make a decision. I drove through the whole four major boulevard and gave up searching.

Ayam Bakar Kedai Sari Kelapa Gading (Food Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog) Portra-3 copy

Ayam Bakar Kedai Sari Kelapa Gading (Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)

Kedai Sari was unexpected. I was driving back and stumbled upon it. I remember a friend recommend it to me on Instagram and I trust his taste.

And his taste was right. For IDR 18.000,- it was probably one of the yummiest ayam bakar (grilled chicken) in town at that price range. The sauce did the magic for the most part. Sweet soy sauce with a tad bit of spicy and a hint of basil. Just right. Just right. What’s probably a little bit left of center is the chili sauce. It should’ve been chopped chili with garlic and soy instead of grounded chili. Other than that all is good, I would definitely come back to this.

They also have a separate menu specifically for coffee. They name themselves Kafe Ontel. I have not check that one out. Will update here when I do.

Now, as I would always say to my friend when they ask me whether a resto is good or not: “Happy lah makan di sini.” I hope it happify you too.

Happy Food Evangelist

Kedai Sari Kelapa Gading (Kafe Ontel)
Jalan Raya Kelapa Nias Blok LB20 No.10
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
Phone: +6221-4501381

Opening Hours:
Daily 10.00 – 22.00

Google Map Location:

See complete menu here

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