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When it comes to fine-dining in Jakarta, I wouldn’t have thought of Pantai Indah Kapuk as one of the destination. Would you? I guess while most see the glass half empty, one man see it half full. Le Signature PIK is the brainchild of an adventurous man who would love to have finely prepared food in North Jakarta.

Residing on the less popular rows of shophouses, they successfully create a quiet setting that set the tune for a relaxing business lunch or a romantic night out. I particularly love the window seatings on the second floor. It comes with just enough sunlight to warm the mood and just enough distance from the jazz music playing at the far end of the room.

Le Signature PIK (Jakarta Best Fine Dining Resto - Wanderbites Food Blog)-100

Le Signature PIK (Jakarta Best Fine Dining Resto - Wanderbites Food Blogger Indonesia)-100

As the name suggested, the idea of Le Signature is a special dish for each type of protein. Meaning that you wouldn’t find two different rendition of chicken or fish. Everything is a carefully thought of signature dish. Perfect. As I wasn’t on the mood to choose I let them decide for me and I went with the set menu.

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Le Signature PIK Menu (Wanderbites Top Indonesian Food Blogger)

Their Honey Toasted Chicken Wings is a wonderful start of the meal. It prepares your taste buds with all the five flavor: sweet, tangy, spicy, salty and umami. One of the menu I’d easily recommend to anyone eating here aside from their King Prawn. Yes, as one of their tapas line up, the prawn is wrapped in Bacon with Arisa Fondue. But the highlight of the dish was the baked garlic on the side. It feels like eating baked potato with a hint of saliva-inviting garlic smell.

Le Signature PIK Menu (Wanderbites Top Indonesian Food Blogger)

On the mains was Grilled Barramundi. Unlike others, Le Signature’s version comes with a crispy skin that added playful texture to the dish. It’s almost a perfect opposing contrast to the mashed potato, while the fish is somewhere in between. There you have all three textures to mix and match with at every spoonful.

Dessert Le Signature PIK Menu (Wanderbites Top Indonesian Food Blogger)

Closing the wonderful lunch was Butter Milk Wafers With Mandarin Baileys Cocktail . While the wafers could be a tad bit softer, the combination of flavor that it gives when dipped into the sauce was one of a kind. You wouldn’t find it anywhere else I think.

It is such a pleasure to know places like Le Signature PIK exist. Not only do they serve good food, excellent service and great ambience, the price is close and to an extent lesser than what you would pay for the similar meal in South Jakarta. I guess its safe to say now that PIK is not only hyped with ‘trend’-based restaurant. We actually got great stuff, you just don’t know where to find it yet 😉 Here, let me present you Le Signature PIK.

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Le Signature PIK
Ruko Cordoba Blok H No.2
Jalan Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

Phone:+62 21 56983495

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Google Map Location:

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