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What makes a cafe enjoyable? For me its quite simple. Good food, good ambience, good playlist and also just enough kind of crowded. Mainichi PIK comes with all that and while they are relatively new in the area, you can come without having to battle with the queue.

Mainichi is Japanese for everyday. The very idea is that people need food and libation on a daily basis. It is also a hope that people will come by often on a daily basis.

Food is on the value-for-money end of the spectrum. Here they serve Asian fusion that ranges from IDR 30-35K for main course. It is not common to find restaurants with similar range in PIK, unless you count in cheap noodle places. The drinks are also on the same price range which is common for PIK neighborhood. That and desserts are the highlight I’d say. Let’s unravel them from the one that speaks to me the most.

Mushi Cake Mainichi PIK (Wanderbites Food &Travel Blog)

Mushi Cake (IDR 10K)
Mushi Cake is the code name for marshmallow-cake. I really enjoy Mainichi Cafe’s rendition of Tokyo Banana. Yes, the texture are very much similar, and they have fillings that suits better to local taste me thinks. There’s matcha, floss, durian, and many others at a friendly price of ten thousand Rupiah. Win!

Macu Mainichi PIK Cafe (Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog Indonesia)

Macu Mainichi (IDR 33K)
This is one refreshing drinks that combines mango and japanese cucumber. I have no complaints on this one. It was super hot that day, and the thirst-quenching unique taste really put the smile on my face.

Omurice Mainichi Cafe PIK (Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)

Omurice Mainichi Cafe PIK (Review by Wanderbites Food & Travel Blog)

Rooftop Omurice (IDR 30K)
Japanese omelette rice with seafood toppings. As enjoyable as this is to me, it might need a little workaround. My Indonesian tongue demands stronger flavor and more toppings. Other than that all is good.

As neighbors to Mainichi PIK, I’m happy to have another addition to the already bustling culinary complex. I can see myself coming by daily to sit and work. Maybe I’ll see you around here?

Eat happy!


Mainichi PIK – Your Neighborhood Cafe
Rukan Garden House Blok A30
Bukit Golf Mediterania, PIK
Jakarta, Indonesia
(To the left of Hawaiian Bistro)
Ph: +6221-29033308

Opening Hours:
Daily 11AM – 10PM

Instagram: @mainichi_jkt
Facebook: MainichiJKT

Google Map Location:

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