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Noodle has a magical pull to us Indonesians, especially Chinese-rooted Indonesians. When it comes to Sunday, the first thing that comes to mind for breakfast or brunch is either noodle or dimsum. Am I right? 😉 Its probably why culinary areas like Kelapa Gading or Muara Karang and Pluit have plenty noodle places to look for.

Mie Robot Kelapa Gading is one of the many that caught my attention. And yes, that overweight-Ultraman-looking machine does exist and it appears to be used to peel the noodles. Peel?! Yes, you’re reading it right. The noodles I reckon are peeled here. It is one of the five good ol’ technique that can be traced back to Chinese noodle-making history. They can also be cut, kneaded, pulled, or extruded.

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Despite of the obvious and somewhat cheesy attempt to create hype with the name, I do enjoy the food here at Mie Robot Kelapa Gading. Their soup is particularly worth a special mention here. If you prefer your noodles dry, then you might not get the best out of the bowl. Warm, well seasoned with a mixture of sweet, spicy and sour. A winning combination for many Indonesian palate. As for the noodle, be ready for short, wide & pleasantly springy texture. Altogether it is a good meal for a good value. I’d high five on this find.

I have not yet tried all the noodles at Kelapa Gading, but I’ve tried a lot in Jakarta and in comparison to them, I think its safe to say that Bakmi Robot is worth a visit.

If you got great noodles and would like to share it to the world, tag em #RecommendMie on Instagram.

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Mie Robot Kelapa Gading
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok TN 2 No. 32, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Phone: 021-4532980

Opening Hours:
Daily 6AM – 10PM

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