Nalu Bowls Kemang

Nalu Bowls Kemang

When do people start becoming a health-conscious eater?

Before today, I would say sometime after 25 years old. Twenty-three, if you have parents or relatives who are also health-conscious or have suffered from some kind of disease. Imagine my surprise when the newly opened Nalu Bowls, Kemang is packed full of girls who must be still in junior high or high school.

Nalu Bowls Kemang
A slice of island life in this congested capital
Nalu Bowls Kemang
Yes, you, have a nice day!

Nalu Bowls comes to Jakarta with great credentials. As the pioneer of smoothie bowl shack in Bali, Nalu Bowls is no stranger to Jakartans who often travel to the Island of the Gods. No wonder that its arrival created a buzz in social media. It probably is the real reason behind the mass of female teenagers. Or maybe they’re truly health-conscious. Well, whichever the case, it’s good for Nalu Bowls’ business.

Similar to the original outlet in Bali, Nalu Bowls Jakarta offers six smoothies bowls named after surfing spots around the world: Mavericks, Uluwatu, Teahupoo, J-Bay, Pipeline, and Macaronis. The cheapest bowl costs you IDR 60K, while the most expensive one is IDR 85K. Every bowl is topped with homemade granola and bananas, customisable with extra toppings. Quite pricey for Indonesian standard, let alone students, but it’s actually very hard to find a smoothies bowl for less than $10 in Western countries.

Nalu Bowls Kemang
Uluwatu (IDR 70K): Dragon fruit, banana, papaya, raspberry, apple juice

Our choice of the day is Uluwatu, a smoothies bowl of dragon fruit, banana, papaya, raspberry, and apple juice. Looking at other bowls on tables around us, every bowl is vibrant and beautiful in its own right, and Uluwatu is no exception. The vibrant purple color of dragon fruit contrasts beautifully with the white coconut flakes, inviting you to take a spoon. Having said that, the real kicker of Nalu Bowls’ smoothies bowl is the homemade granola: all toasty, crunchy, and flavorful. Simply divine!

I haven’t been to the original Nalu Bowls, but after visiting the one in Kemang, I understand why it is ahead of its competition. The homemade granola is a great differentiator, and the price is worth the quality of ingredients. In addition to that, the place emulates that laid-back beachy feeling. So thank you Nalu Bowls, for transporting me to Bali even only for one hour, and even the noise of your blender forces everyone to speak twice as loud as usual. I’ll be back to check whether your patrons remain in the same age group, and to taste the other five smoothies bowls. 😉

Nalu Bowls Kemang
Nalu Bowls, from Bali to Jakarta.
Nalu Bowls
Google Maps: Click Here
Instagram: Click Here
Address: Jl. Kemang Timur No. 69D
Price Range: IDR 60-85K (excluding tax & service)

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