Pokeystudio Jakarta at Crumble Crew SCBD: Poke Bowl, La-La-Land-Approved

Pokeystudio Jakarta Crumble Crew SCBD

We haven’t been back to Crumble Crew SCBD since our last visit a couple of months ago, and thus are pleasantly surprised by the presence of a number of new residents: Ayam Betutu Ibu Putu, Cheese Me Up, Isaura Cake Factory, and Pokeystudio Jakarta. After the opening of Honu earlier this year, it seems that the poke fever is slowly infecting Jakarta. Having tried a number of disastrous poke bowls and as a self-proclaimed Honu enthusiast, let me say this right off the bat. I really, really like what Pokeystudio offers.

Pokeystudio Jakarta is originally a food truck called The Pokey Truck, born in Los Angeles in June 2012. Inspired by the multicultural environment of California, they established their own version of the fresh and nutritious Hawaiian classic poke bowl. It is said that they are such a hit in LA that many movie industries have asked to cater to them.

Pokeystudio Jakarta Crumble Crew SCBD
Pokeystudio comes with an open kitchen
Pokeystudio Jakarta Crumble Crew SCBD
From LA to Jakarta
Pokeystudio Jakarta Crumble Crew SCBD
Pokeystudio Jakarta Crumble Crew SCBD
The food is seriously good

So here’s what Pokeystudio Jakarta is serving. Five varieties of poke—three involving fish, one is chicken, and the last is the vegan-friendly organic tofu bowl—and six hand-rolled sushi.

Hawaiian serves up a generous serving of diced raw tuna, seaweed salad, pineapple, cucumber, tomato, nori, and tobiko on top of sushi rice, drizzled with Pokey’s signature sauce. The vibrant visual sets you in a happy mood and convinces your brain that it’s gonna be something good. I’m happy to report that the taste matches the look. The ingredients are fresh, and when combined together they create the best kind of texture and flavor party in your mouth. Meanwhile, Tofu Handroll has made me realize that I need to try more tofu dishes. It’s different, yum, and simply satisfying.

Pokeystudio Jakarta Crumble Crew SCBD
Located just right next to Nalu Bowl in Crumble Crew SCBD
Pokeystudio Jakarta Crumble Crew SCBD
Pokeystudio Jakarta Crumble Crew SCBD
Hawaiian (IDR 69K)
Pokeystudio Jakarta Crumble Crew SCBD
Tofu Handroll (IDR 19K)
Pokeystudio Jakarta Crumble Crew SCBD
Please excuse me while I drool.

Pokeystudio Jakarta also offers coconut water and infused water, but since you’re at Crumble Crew, might as well grab a cup of coffee from Cyclo Coffee. After all that’s the beauty of places like Crumble Crew. You can get different types of food and beverage at one place. That being said, Pokeystudio is definitely going to be my main to reason to come back to Crumble Crew next time. I’m always down for a good bowl of poke.

Pokeystudio Jakarta

Price Icon

IDR 49-89K (Rice Bowls); IDR 19-39K (Hand Roll); IDR 25-29K (Beverage)

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