Reasons Why You Should Consider Ravelle Gading for Remote Working

Ravelle Gading Review

What’s the best spot in Kelapa Gading for remote working?

I figure that my friend Monica—born, raised, and still lives in Kelapa Gading; plus she works remotely all the time—is one of the best persons to answer that question. She quickly mentions that one of her go to places is Ravelle Gading, a new café that opened around three months ago in a quaint road behind the famous seafood place Wiro Sableng. “The place is quiet most of the times; the parking is cheap, and some of the food I’ve tasted are pretty good.” Gotcha Monica. You’ve piqued my interest. Let’s give Ravelle a roll.

Ravelle Gading Review
Lovin’ the green vibes
Ravelle Gading Review
Outdoor seating area
Ravelle Gading Review
Cajun Pork Belly Burger (IDR 65K)
Ravelle Gading Review
Juicy pork belly FTW

First step in, good impression. After comforting my eyes with hanging potted greens, Ravelle coaxes me into nostalgia with Liam Gallagher crooning Don’t Go Away, followed by pre-2010 John Mayer tunes. The minimalistic atmosphere might evoke a sense of masculinity and rigidity, but those are relieved by the playful wall art. Despite the hard wooden chairs, even without my earphones and trusted iTunes library, I feel at ease. The not-so-fluffy seating situation is actually advantageous when one wants to concentrate and get things done. It also helps that smokers have their own outdoor area to sit, making the indoor space free of smoke. Wi-Fi is also pretty good.

One can’t work well when not properly fueled. Monica got it right too this time. I’m wholly impressed with Cajun Pork Belly Burger, a sinful serving of BBQ pork belly, sandwiched by toasted brioche bun. The pork belly is generous and juicy, complemented beautifully by the sweet-and-sour sauce. I would’ve loved some more peppery “Cajun” kick, but what arrives on the table is already satisfying.

Ravelle Gading Review
Ravelle Benedict (IDR 65K)
Ravelle Gading Review
Ravelle Gading Review
Good job, kitchen crews!

Ravelle Gading Review

Brunch enthusiasts would also enjoy Ravelle Benedict, Ravelle’s take on Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce and poached eggs combo are creamy, coating the thick toast (no English muffins here) and honey glazed bacon nicely. If the two were any indication of how the rest of the Western-influenced menu tasted like, I’d happily come back to try out other dishes. Lastly, round everything up with a cup of coffee to keep you inspired during work. Or take a pick between smoothies, mocktail, juice, or tea for non-coffee drinkers.

So here’s the recap. Awesome food, solid choices of beverages, and great ambience. I’m happy to report that I manage to write a draft of an article during my two hours at this café. While I can’t guarantee your visit to Ravelle Gading will be as quiet as mine, I can vouch for the attentive service and the food I’ve enjoyed. Hope your experience at Ravelle will be just as pleasant and productive.

Ravelle Gading Review
Peaceful afternoon
Ravelle Gading Review
Playful wall art

Ravelle Gading Review
P.S. Ravelle is also featured in our 50+ Cafes that Open Before 10 AM in Jakarta, for The Hustlers and The Early Birds article

Ravelle Gading (closed every Tuesday)
Instagram: @ravelle.jkt
Address: Jl. Pelepah Elok I Blok QA2 No. 6, Kelapa Gading
Price Range: IDR 20-40K (beverage); IDR 25-140K (food)
Google Maps: Click Here

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