Authentic Vietnamese Flavors at Saigon Delight

Saigon Delight Review

Do you know that Vietnam was once ruled by Imperial China for over a millennium? I didn’t. Not until my lunch at Saigon Delight, where I heard some unfamiliar songs accompanying my meal time. As someone who speaks neither Chinese nor Vietnamese, those songs vaguely sound like Chinese, or even Cantonese. The staff confirmed my question that those were indeed Vietnamese songs. Then Google told me that despite long ruling by China, the two languages have nothing in common. Except they do kinda sound similar.

Anyway, enough about my revelation. Let’s get down to business.

Saigon Delight Review
Love the dragonfly logo
Saigon Delight Review
Brown and black is the theme
Saigon Delight Review
Vietnamese lady
Saigon Delight Review
I wonder whether there have been any kids who tried to take this off

That weekday afternoon, Saigon Delight Mall Bellagio Mega Kuningan was jam packed full of diners. A lot of office workers from around the area were having lunch, and there were a couple of expats on business meeting. The friendly staffs worked efficiently—plates were flying from the kitchen. It remained full until the clock reached 2:15 PM, and even after that, customers still come and go. Saigon Delight is surely one of the favorites in this mall, considering a couple of other eateries in the same location are not that lucky.

The menu is pretty straightforward, and all the usual suspects are available: banh mi, pho, and bun (vermicelli noodles). It’s also a pleasure to see chao (porridge) and com tam (broken rice), as these two Vietnamese dishes can be found everywhere in Vietnam, but not in Jakarta. Saigon Delight is one of the few who offer chao and com tam.

Saigon Delight Review
Pho Bo Tai (IDR 80K)
Saigon Delight Review
Banh Mi Ga Xe (IDR 59K)
Saigon Delight Review
Hot Vietnamese White Coffee (IDR 35K)

We gave Banh Mi Ga Xe a try. Instead of the classic shredded beef filling, this one incorporates shredded chicken, pate, and mayonnaise. The latter two ingredients added a nice juiciness to the dry shredded chicken. The Vietnamese baguette was crunchy on the outside, but could use a little more volume in the middle. On the other hand, Pho Bo Tai had a savory broth and juicy beef slices. It emitted a mouthwatering aroma when the bowl arrived on the table, but I wish the greens were fresher.

All in all, we had a nice lunch at Saigon Delight. There were a couple of things that could have gone better, but the dining experience in general was very positive. It was definitely far away from disaster, and I could see why the place is so popular amongst office workers. @captainruby, our resident Vietnamese food enthusiast, also mentioned that Saigon Delight has a slight edge compared to Nam Nam and Bo & Bun when it comes to authenticity of flavor. Slighhtt edge.

I look forward to my next visit to Saigon Delight to try their other dishes. Perhaps I will find a new favorite dish, or at least, discover a new trivia about Vietnam.

Saigon Delight Review
Saigon Delight Review
Saigon Delight Review
Saigon Delight
Instagram: @saigon_delight
Address: Mall Bellagio, Kemang, Grand Indonesia, Summarecon Mal Serpong
Google Maps (Mall Bellagio): Click Here
Price Range: IDR 35-85K (Food), IDR 10-150K (Beverage)

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