Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan: Not a Coffee Shop, for a Change

Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review

Sometimes you have to nitpick to see something truly different from a F&B establishment. What makes it not just another coffee shop, not just another new restaurant. With Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan, well, you don’t have to. They sell traditional jamu and funky variations of it. Things don’t get any more specific than that.

Come with a clear head and leave all thoughts of fancy places at Jakarta’s prime locations. Suwe Ora Jamu’s neighbors at Jalan Petogogan are residential buildings and small warung makan. It looks modest from the outside, if not a bit shadowy. Once inside, you’ll be welcomed with strong jasmine aromas and soft sounds of a wind chime. In its simplicity, Suwe Ora Jamu feels welcoming.

Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review
Rosella (IDR 27K)
Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review
Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review
I have a similar cup at home. Hahaha
Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review
Love me some cireng!
Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review
More seatings in the back area

Jamu is Indonesia’s traditional drink with an array of health benefits. They barely receive any attention in Jakarta’s culinary scene, but here at Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan, jamu is the spotlight. No doubt about that. There are more than 25 jamu concoctions based on your health issues (declining appetite? hypertension? acne?) and gender. Besides the classics—temulawak, beras kencur—they also offer mocktail-style jamu drinks.

Tamarind Slushy (IDR 24K) is a refreshing mix of asam jawa and kunyit asam. I’d say this is a pretty safe choice: sweet, acidic, with a subdued jamu flavor. Rosella (IDR 27K) with its familiar flowery taste is also a good stepping stone for jamu beginners. When you’re coming with someone who is completely reluctant to try jamu, no worries. Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan also sells Indonesian coffees and drinks such as wedang jahe and soda gembira. Not to mention plenty choices of our nation’s street food to munch on. Think pempek, batagor, and cireng.

Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review
Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review
Hello there, Tintin! Where’s Snowy?
Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review
Tamarind Slushy (IDR 24K)
Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review
Can I say vintage one more time?
Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Review
Javanese wisdom

As Waljinah sang “Suwe Ora Jamu,” which roughly translates to long time no jamu, I can safely say, “Nope, I just had some.” Though just a tiny bit. Maybe I’ll step up my jamu game on my next visit to Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan.

Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan
Suwe Ora Jamu
Instagram: @suweorajamu28
Address: Jl. Petogogan 1, 28B, Kebayoran Baru
Price Range: IDR 15-45K (drinks); IDR 14-46K (food)
Google Maps: Click Here

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