30+ Best Coffee Photography Ideas: Step Up Your Instagram Game!

Best Coffee Photography Ideas

Ve Handojo recently said in his Facebook post,

BREAKING: Indonesia is now the number one coffee producing country in the world.
Ooops. I forgot to type the word ‘photography’.

Sarcastic, yet so true. Classic Ve. It’s true that coffee photos are everywhere, and it ain’t stopping soon. Now, if you’re thinking of joining the crowd, improving your composition skills, looking for any inspiration, or simply wanting to feast your eyes of awesome snaps, this Best Coffee Photography Ideas article is for you.

The list features friends in the community who are inspiring me in one way or another. When it comes to coffee, these people are a few that I’ve stumbled upon with photos that have their own unique character, flavor, and consistency. Shall we?

1. Tightly-arranged shots, by @reinaldo_k
Reinaldo’s penchant for creating tightly-arranged flatlays is like playing a game of “Where’s Wally?”, except you’re looking for coffee instead of Wally.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas
Reinaldo, can we take a peek inside your brain? Haha

2. Make it grainy, by @gustiputuputra
From the grainy vintage edits to the hand reaching towards the coffee cup, Gusti Putu Putra’s photos exude dramatic atmosphere. One of the most popular styles of coffee shots.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas
Grainy, but not too grainy

3. Use your legs and arms, by @zefzefs
This is your go-to feed for top shots that require a good eye for details and lots of patience. A lot of Zef’s snaps involve arms and legs, so if that’s your thing, you know where to look.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas Food Blogger and Photographer-1
Socks game, strong

4. Still involving legs, figure-four style by @_chandrachen_
Chandra Chen is the master of looking like a boss while drinking your coffee. A lot of his shots are shot using only iPhone, so who said you need an expensive gear to get a good photo?

Best Coffee Photography Ideas

5. Black, white, and brown never go wrong, by @alexetiawan_
Color splash done tastefully. Pops of the color brown contrast beautifully with the otherwise black and white nuance.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas Food Blogger and Photographer-1
The color play is always on point

6. Coffee, breakfast, and books, by @fajron
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the same goes with taking pictures of your coffee. Why not scoop two things in one go and put both in one frame?

Best Coffee Photography Ideas Food Blogger and Photographer-1
Shall we try this style with Bubur Ayam?

7. Playing with colors, by @nadyaesmeralda
When all the props come in the same shape, Nadya Esmeralda plays with colors. In other words, keep your fingers crossed and pray the coffee shop has cups in different hues.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas Food Blogger and Photographer-1
Forget it if the coffee shop only has coffee cups in one color

8. Show me the interior, by @tishakazan
Something went wrong with the latte art? No worries, before you approach the barista and complain, take a deep breath, and simply do it Tisha Kazan-style.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas Food Blogger and Photographer-1
Thankfully most coffee shops these days have beautiful interior

9. Get messy with your coffee, by @joasvd
#Photography101: Use movement to make your shots look alive. Joas incorporates this technique by taking lots of pouring shots.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas Food Blogger and Photographer-1
Another favorite style in Instagram sphere

10. The messier, the better, by @mrvahn
Number 10 on the Best Coffee Photography Ideas is Steven Setiono’s masterpiece. The photos pretty much explains everything, right? Just make sure to bring extra napkins.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas
The kind of mess we don’t mind having

11. Corner shots, by @dhiptadi
This is the trick if you want to add more shapes to your shot. Don’t forget to hold your coffee in style while showing off your watch ?

Best Coffee Photography Ideas
More texture with plaid shirt

12. Geometry play, by @ericklim
You like Math? Then these shots will probably catch your fancy. By showing the whole table, the photos feel geometrical. No worries, there are no calculus and phi involved.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas
Squares and circles

13. iPhone overlays, by @shotmyiphone
Probably the Best Coffee Photography Ideas that you won’t do, because it requires tons of time and effort. Kudos to Rizki Hiro for consistently doing the #shotmyiphone shots.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas

14. The Lonesome Coffee, by @riswandiwansyah
Nothing says focus and drama more than these solo coffee shots. High contrast. Moody. Dark. It exudes Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige vibes, don’t you think?

Best Coffee Photography Ideas
If coffee ever became a movie, this should be the poster

15. For the love of coffee cups, by @captainruby
A little self-promotion can’t hurt right? Hahaha. When the cup looks great and the background is iconic, sometimes you don’t need to do anything else.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas
Perfect for coffee photography during travel

16. Coffee & OOTD, featuring @captainruby, @karlinachandraa, and @fajron
For times when your OOTD looks on point. Great background and a pair of sunnies also help.

Best Coffee Photography Ideas
Say cheese!

So, does your favorite style make it to our Best Coffee Photography Ideas list? Did we miss anything? Which one are you going to try yourself? Let us know it the comment box below!

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Fellexandro Ruby

Food photographer, and story teller sharing his passion in food, travel, culinary hits and highlights. Always on the mission to make you drool. Founder of Wanderbites.com


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