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Another day, another case of deciding what to eat for breakfast, Or lunch. And dinner. It’s one of those dreaded questions that haunt you daily, just like “What to wear today?” Basic and mundane, but you still have to answer it. Meet Appetti, my new mobile friend who is always more than ready to help in this matter.

The food scene in Jakarta is diverse, crazier than ever, and something new pops out every week. It’s hard to wrap your head around the number of eateries in the whole city. This is where Appetti comes in. Appetti is a mobile platform designed to help all of us, helpless creatures in the face of endless choice of food options. It provides a comprehensive list of all restaurants in Jakarta, so you can scroll away and find an inspiration. The convenience doesn’t stop at that.

Scrolling, more often than not, results in some more confusion. You have these floating ideas in your head of where to eat, but nothing specific. Thankfully Appetti has a sophisticated search engine to help you narrow down your choice. You can refine your search based on cuisine, district, drink type, type of venue, services provided, and special deals.

Thanks to Appetti, deciding where to eat has become way easier!
My favorite feature.
Each promo is clear and detailed. You can press it for more info!

Let’s give it a try. Say I’m somewhere in South Jakarta. Click Nearby. Still too many results. I want a place that serves beer, accepts credit card, and is located inside a mall. Payday is still far away, thus I better go somewhere with standard price. Two hundred results—we’re getting there. It would be even more awesome if the restaurant was having a special deal. Click Deals. Voila, three results! Mexican sounds like a good idea, so I decide to go with La Hoya Comida Mexicana at Gandaria City. Easy peasy.

Wait, do you think my Appetti journey ends there? No, no. After clicking La Hoya, I can find out nitty gritty details about the place. There’s phone number, so I can call first to reserve a seat. Wi-Fi is available too, which means I can catch up on work and save internet data. There are also details on the special promotion, complete with the terms and conditions. After checking all the details, I click on the address and Appetti will direct me to Google Maps.

There are also photos to give you ideas about how the dining experience would be.
Clicking the address will direct you to Google Maps.

All of us can enjoy all the benefits of Appetti without having to download any app. It runs as a website. Both the desktop and mobile version are clean and seamless, easy to use. This is important because my phone only has 16GB internal memory with no additional memory card slot. In other words, there’s not a lot of space to download new apps.

Aside from Jakarta, Appetti also covers restaurants in Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Bali. This means you can also use Appetti during travels. I’ve officially said my goodbye to headaches from trying to find a place to eat. Can’t wait to see what other features Appetti will come up with in the future.

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