Dear Restaurant Owners: There’s a New Market in Town

Brood en Boter Bakery

Have you taken a good look at the recent demographic statistics of Indonesia? Based on the data compiled by BPS (Badan Pusat Statistik), the population is currently dominated by people in the productive working age, 15-34 years old. To be more specific, that particular age group in Jakarta is comprised of approximately 3.684.246 people, one third of the citizens of this city. Now, imagine how many of them will get married and start a family in the next two, five, or ten years. Bam, you just got yourself a new market to tap into.

This target market comes with requirements that your previous F&B establishments might not have. After all, starting a family and having a baby drastically change one’s mindset of what constitutes as the perfect spot to eat and hang-out. Based on our conversation with some friends who have started a family, here are five features that they associate with the term family-friendly.

1. Smoke-free
Any health-conscious parent would want a smoke-free environment for their children. Studies have proven that secondhand smoke causes numerous health problems, namely asthma attacks and respiratory infections. An absolute smoke-free condition would be the ideal, but there are a couple of restaurants who manage to place the smoke-friendly area away from the communal section. HOURS Kelapa Gading, for example, has a smoking room at the back of the restaurant. Meanwhile, Brood en Boter in Jalan Bangka has a mini playground situated at the far left, and a separate smoking room at the far right.

Brood en Boter Bakery
Mini children playground at Brood en Boter Bakery & Eatery

2. Nursing room /  baby care room
This room is a space, other than a bathroom, that is protected from stray views for mothers to breastfeed or lactate. It can also be used to take care of babies, infants, and children. Nursing room should come with good sanitary conditions, privacy, comfortable chairs, and other supporting facilities such as a power outlet to plug an electrical pump. Make a nursing room and it is almost guaranteed that many families will flock to your place.

3. Stroller-friendly
The roomier, the better. A new family travels with lots of equipments, including, but not limited to, one stroller and one big diaper bag. They won’t like narrow paths in between tables as they will be forced to invade other people’s personal space. This is why a family might choose to skip a small place altogether. Remember restauranteurs, spacious area. Big gaps in between tables.

4. Ease of parking
A family would be forever grateful to you if your restaurant or cafe provided plenty of parking areas. Easy access from the parking area to your place is also preferable, because as we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, they carry a lot of stuffs.

5. Friendly service
Taking care of children is fun, but can get very tiring at times. When they come to your restaurant, parents want to relax for a while and enjoy good food. It would be the icing on the cake if they could get that, plus a smile or two from your friendly staffs. Everyone deserves a break every once in a while.

Dear restaurant owners, it is glaringly obvious the market needs more family-friendly places. You have the opportunity to tap into this market and make a profit. When a family comes and finds all of their needs at your place, it is highly probable that they are willing to spend a little bit more money in exchange for convenience. They are likely more concerned about health as well, thus you’re able to sell something premium, such as healthy food.

A family also has a higher chance of visiting your place in a bigger group, say, with grandma and grandpa. And yes, a bigger party equals to more revenue. They also probably won’t stay too long as children (or the accompanying elders) can get tired quickly. On top of everything, this is a steady market. In the next few years, there are going to be a continuous new stream of families that need you. And it is not until the child turns around 5-7 years old that the family is going to start finding a more “relaxed” place.

I believe you’re going to see a lot of truth behind this new market in town analysis. Family-friendly spaces are few and far between, and you can utilize this. Get ready before the market explodes. It might sound like you’re betting on the future, but for good reason. Make it happen.

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