What If Foodies Had Their Own Space? Here are 10 Restaurant and Cafe Ideas from Them.

Restaurant and Cafe Ideas

Foodies, food bloggers, food influencers, or whatever you want to call them, have long sat on one side of the line. They have been exposed to different kinds of food and given feedbacks to the other side of the line: the restaurant. That got us wondering, what if the tables were turned? What if foodies had their own restaurant or café? With so many references under their belt, their brains would surely be a melting pot of the best kind of restaurant and cafe ideas.

We’ve asked ten foodies about this, and the result varies. It’s clear that some have thought long and hard about this, as having their own cafe is indeed a long-time dream. Some pull out insanely fun ideas, and some sound so good that we can’t help but hoping it would become a reality.

1. Eka Christina (@supersillychef)
“I’ve always wanted a small place, nothing too fancy. It would be bright, clean, and minimalist, but with air conditioning, of course. Everybody would feel comfortable as if my place were their own. I love cooking a fusion of Western and Asian dishes, which right now are considered as fancy food. I feel challenged to proof that delicious food does not have to be expensive. My personal goal is to bring the cuisine that I love to the mass.”

2. Paulus (@paulustjia)
“If I had my own restaurant, it would have those magical, quirky, yet appealing ambience with a bunch of great and unique food.”
Yes, Paulus confirms that his imaginary restaurant would involve a dark castle, magic, wizards, and dragons. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

3. Tere (@heytheresia)
If I had my own restaurant or café, it would be a healthy fast food—vegan friendly, with a Mexican, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern twists. The food would be packed full of flavors, as healthy food should taste good too. The restaurant would serve wraps, salad, and snacks. I could imagine falafel wrap with tzatziki, burrito, feta watermelon salad, and pita chips with pico de gallo / guacamole / hummus. Everything would be made using local organic ingredients. It’s not only about healthy food, but better food for everyone.”

4. Eveline (@godzillatummy)
“As I love to read, if I had my own café, I would create a huge bookshelf. Everyone could read, borrow, or even leave a book. There would be a self-serve cookies and drinks bar to accompany your reading time. I would like to keep things simple with only 4-5 food menus, but those would change every month with a new theme. I hope every time a person comes back, he or she could eat, read, learn, and chat about something new. The café would not have a lot of staffs, as I wish to educate customers to be more self-sufficient.”

5. Prawnche (@foodventurer_)
“As a food blogger, I’ve done a lot of food tasting and experienced much about food all around the world. Since I love cooking as well, I love to recreate the food that I’ve tasted in my own way. The dream of opening a café is something I’ve had in mind not long after I started my blogging activity. The café that I had in mind is a simple café with homey ambiance, mostly in white and grey.

The concept is minimalism, with real plants as decors all around the corners. Front windows have to be pretty big to allow natural day light to peek inside in the afternoon. The idea is to create a bright and clean vibe that allows people to make themselves as comfortable as possible. Food-wise, I intend to serve several cuisines: Asian (including Indonesian), Italian, American, and some Australian brunch. What I have in mind is to rotate the menu every week and retain 1 best-selling menu from each category. Price is going to be considerably reasonable. I won’t allow the food to be overpriced.

I just want to make a safe haven that gather people from different backgrounds/races in one place, enjoying a bunch of food while getting to know each other.”

6. Astrid (@biteandbrew)
“If I had my own café, I would want it to have Bali vibes: outdoor area, swimming pool, sandy beaches, and coconut trees complete with hammocks to relax. The café would serve seafood-dominated Mediterranean cuisine, small bites, tropical punch, and beer. There would be small tents facing a bonfire, plus a big screen. It would be the perfect place to chill and watch movies every Friday or Saturday night.”

7. Dandy (@designerdoyanmakan)
“My restaurant would be cozy and Instagram-able, making it suitable for different kinds of people, including family. And it might sound a bit crazy, but I’ve imagined that I would name the restaurant ‘It Takes Two’, as the food portion would be huge and could be shared between a couple, family, and friends. It’s also perfect for someone with a big appetite. Last but not least, relaxing soft jazz would be the music of choice.”
Dandy also states that whoever becomes inspired to make ‘It Takes Two’ a reality, please give him a call.

8. Cindy (@cnlulaby)
“If I had my own restaurant, the food would not only be delicious, but also photogenic. The place would definitely have an iconic spot where people couldn’t help but take a photo there, then upload it on their social media.”

9. Hartanto (@hungryfever)
“My café would be called Hungry Fever. Everything about Hungry Fever would evoke a feeling of festiveness. The main star of the café would be gelato, not served on cup or cone, but other new interesting base. Customers wouldn’t be able to order a single flavor, but a mix between a couple of variants instead, ensuring whatever ends up on their hands are colorful.”

10. Febriani D. (@ninifebriani)
“If I had my own café, it would be very simple but elegant. It would mostly be decorated in white colors with lots of windows. My café would serve coffee, brunch menu, and pastry. It would have a backyard where people could chill and enjoy the fresh air, sofa on the corner with a big television, and four wooden tables. The staffs would be well-trained and friendly. The space would not be too big, but it would feel like home.”

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