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Being a traveler, whose happiness relies solely on the amount of good food that enters my belly, I must say that Bali is always on my mind. The multitude of eateries in the so-called island-of-God is massive, and I love having those choices.

I discovered Habitual Bali from a good friend of mine. Speaking from experience, these kind of eateries that travel from mouth to mouth rarely fail. Habitual Bali is proven to be one of the highlights from my trip. This daytime cafe serves all day breakfast, which is perfect for brunch as well, and is very much well known for their burgers. With names like Fancy Pants Burger and Walnut Burger, you can almost tell that they are trying to direct people to that particular section of the menu. Frankly, they convinced me to get their burger.

Kaffir Lime Burger at Habitual Bali (Wanderbites Travel & Food Blog)
Kaffir Lime Burger (IDR 65K)

Here’s Habitual Bali’s Kaffir Lime Chicken Burger. Grilled to perfection. Tasty chunk of meat with that sour hint of kaffir lime leaves and juice. Their extra spicy mayonnaise on the side is a great addition to our Asian tongues. For IDR 65K, this is the cheapest among other burgers in their line, but definitely worth the price.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the second plate came out: Habitual Bali’s Vietnamese Banh Mi. Gosh, this is even better than the burger, especially for a palate that enjoys a fuller mix of flavors. There are sweet and salty from grilled chicken, sour from pickled carrot and radish, and finally spicy from chili mayo. I and my friend ended up putting this as one of the best Banh Mi that we’ve ever eaten.

Habitual Bali (Wanderbites Travel & Food Blog)-2 copy
Vietnamese Banh Mi (IDR 60K)

Good food however wasn’t exactly followed with good coffee. It could’ve been a lot better, I think. But if coffee is not what you look for in a brunch session, you’ll be alright.

Habitual, for me, will always be remembered. Not only for adding joy to my trip through food, but also uniting one of my best friends and my significant other in a meal. Thank you!

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Habitual Quench & Feed Umalas Bali

Habitual Bali : Quench & Feed
Jalan Umalas 1 No. 12B
Kuta Utara
Badung, Bali 80361 – Indonesia

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 9AM – 6PM

Phone: +62361-9181801
Facebook: Habitual Quench & Feed

Google Map Location:

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  • Looks delicious. Hi nice to meet you. I myself have never been to Bali. But I heard that there give colored culinary tourism. What is the cost of living is needed there? if so cheap? I really liked the culinary tour. The first thing I look for when arriving somewhere is the custom in that place for food and drink. Nice Share.

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