Kuliner Bandung : 3 Foodies Best Kept Secrets

Beautiful view from Kopi Sunaryo Bandung

Aren’t you bored with Batagor Kingsley, Nasi Kalong, Yamien Strawberry Corner, and many other typical-tourist kind of food and hang out spots in Bandung? Well, I am. So on my previous Kuliner Bandung trip, I decided to skip the predictables and look for the lesser known hideout. With the help of friends on my Instagram and a local friend, we scoured the city for two days with this noble mission.

It was hard to pick 3 out of so many wonderful places, but we finally came up with the ones that spoke to us the most. Use it as a quick list when you only have 1 day in Bandung. Or add a few favorite locations of yours, make a Kuliner Bandung itinerary or what not. Here goes!

1. Toko You
I can’t believe I was not aware of Toko You, while it has been around since 1947. From a noodle-maker home business, it has grown into a full-fledged restaurant with so much history behind it. They offer mostly Indonesian food with a little touch of Western here and there (pasta and the likes). The man who opens it is so into bikes, you’ll see a lot of them scattered around the resto.

The outdoor are at Toko You Bandung

Grilled Rawon Toko You
Can you smell the spices from the broth?

What to order:
Rawon Bakar. Chunky & smoky grilled tenderloin meets rawon’s classic kluwek & turmeric soup.
Yamien. Ehm, like half of Bandung buy noodle from them. Do I need to explain more?

Full review here

Jl. Hasanudin No. 12, Lebak Gede, Coblong
(Next to RS Borromeus)
Phone: +62-22-2503332

Google Map:

2. Kopi Selasar at Selasar Sunaryo
Dine in a spacious alfresco area overlooking the woods. There are greens everywhere as far as the eyes can see. Best for afternoon dining or coffee, one or two hours before the sun sets down. Always bring friends. This place is perfect for long conversations. Oh, and don’t forget to check the artspace in the complex.

Kopi Selasar Bandung - Ambience

Nasi Goreng Hijau - Kopi Selasar Bandung
Nasi Goreng Hijau (Green Fried Rice) – One of the best I’ve ever tasted.

What to order:
Nasi Goreng Cabe Ijo. This menu’s popularity might surpass Kopi Selasar’s fame.
Toblerone Ice Cream. So good, you gonna want to order two. One for you, and another for you who gonna say ‘one is definitely not enough’.

Full review here

Jalan Bukit Pakar Timur No. 100
Tel: (+62)22-2507939

Google Map:

3. Roti Gempol
They make their own bread. They cut the slices in serious amount of thickness. They have great tasting toast with a variety of toppings. They are older than most of us, our parents maybe. Do I need to say more?

Roti Gempol - Since 1958
Roti Gempol – Since 1958 : Probably has served our grandparents.
Roti Gempol: Thick, tasty, fulfilling toast with eggs and smoked beef
Thick, tasty, fulfilling toast with eggs and smoked beef (IDR 14K)

What to order:
Toast with Eggs & Smoked Beef. Thumbs up, we came back twice for this.
Ice Milo. Refreshingly good, they just make it better I don’t know how.

Full review here

Jl. Gempol Wetan No 14
Phone: (022) 4239469

Google Map:

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  • Hi Fellexandro,

    I’m from Malaysia and I’ve been googling around to find good places to eat, then I found your blog and I’m really glad i did. Lots of useful information particularly on eatery places.I’ll be going to Bandung next year which will be in February with few of my friends gor 5D 4N.

    Hope you can share more about bandung because mostly I found ‘main streams’ reccomended places like kampung daun and all sorts. As I’ll be visiting Bandung for the third time, I would really appreciate if you could write more about places tourist might not always go but are very appealing; be it waterfall, sight-seeing places oh yeah and shopping spots too! Or where Bandung youngsters chill at.

    Thank you so much for all the info and really looking forward to visit your beautiful country. And hey, you’ve a really great blog!

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