Legendary Nasi Campur 88 Cibadak : Is It Worth Visiting?

Nasi Campur 88 Bandung Cibadak | Wanderbites - Indonesia Food Blogger

My last venture to Bandung was a fruitful one. As you might have read, with four of my accolades, including Reza Prabowo, a local Bandung citizen in our group, we savoured 6 places in a day. After Toko You, Kopi Selasar, Roti Gempol, and a few others we finally stop at Nasi Campur 88 Cibadak for supper.

The popularity of Nasi Campur 88 Cibadak has very well built up over the years to the point that you have to wait at least 30-minutes to get your order ready.

The queue is so long, the Sekoteng stall next to it is almost like the unofficial snack while you wait for your nasi campur.

Added to that the pain to find parking spot here, the question is: “Does Nasi Campur 88 really worth all the drama?”


Nasi Campur 88 Bandung (Wanderbites - Indonesia Food Blogger)-5 copy

Nasi Campur 88 Bandung | Wanderbites - Indonesia Food Blogger
The expectant hungry eyes waiting on the queue

The answer is: Not. If there’s a fan here I’m sorry to disagree with you. After all taste is personal. Not that Nasi Campur 88 is crap. I really enjoyed their crispy pork, but for the rest of the topping, especially Chasiew I believe I’ve tasted better. Way better.

Nasi Campur 88 Cibadak Bandung | Wanderbites - Indonesia Food Blogger

Nasi Campur 88 Cibadak Bandung | Wanderbites - Indonesia Food Blogger
The best part : Crispy Pork.

Now that’s taken care of, the next question would be: “Should I try Nasi Campur 88?”

I’m gonna answer: Yes! Definitely. For the sake of curiosity, you should at least try once and see why crowd are piling over this stall. After that, decide to yourself whether it deserve a second visit. I hope you have a better experience than me though. As for me, once is enough.

Now, what I would really recommend are these food place in Bandung that scores 8 and above. Have a read here.

If you have recommendations of places to eat in Bandung, please drop a comment below and I’ll check them out.


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Nasi Campur 88 Cibadak Bandung | Wanderbites - Indonesia Food Blogger
The dynamic duo that’s been doing this for years.

Nasi Campur 88 Cibadak
Jl. Cibadak (Next to Pink Boutique)

Opening Hours:
Daily 18:00 – Stock finished.

Foursquare: Nasi Campur 88 Cibadak – Bandung

Google Maps:

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  • You should try nasi campur AB. They were selling in cibadak, but now they are at kalipah apo street, 2 blocks away from cibadak. And if you order, make sure with the hainam rice, cos it is very good. Personally, i dont really like their charsiew, but the crispy samcan makes up for it. If they run out of the hainam rice, i will not buy though. Oh, and if you like ambokueh, you should try theirs. Iy is different from regular ambokueh cos they pan fry it, so it is crispy.

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