The Papandayan Hotel Bandung : Rejuvenated, With A Familiar Comfort

The Papandayan Bandung Hotel Review-100

Renovated in 2011, the recently-five-star-awarded Papandayan Hotel Bandung rise to the occasion to fill the needs of business travellers, families and most importantly meeting or conference groups.

The Essentials
I was on a business trip myself with a few friends and decided to give The Papandayan a go. First impressions: a spacious twin room — even after we added one extra bed — clean, modern, and has that familiar feel that makes you settled in very quickly. The guys that helped us installing the extra bed was very helpful as well. Kudos to that.

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The Papandayan Bandung Hotel Review-102

The Papandayan Bandung Hotel Review-102

On the toiletries department though, they could most definitely improve by adding a dash of luxury. It is suppose to be a five star anyway. But other than that, we enjoyed our stay. Beddings and pillows are spot on as we all slept like a kid and woke up fresh the day after. I personally would like to give a plus point on this, cause I have a history of backpain, and Papandayan’s bed accommodate that really well.

Food & Beyond
Breakfast was just as I expected. I don’t usually go big on my first meal, so as long as I got my fruits, egg and enjoyable carbs I’m a happy hippo.

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The dinner menu was something more interesting to share. On my visit, their Pago Restaurant was having a special treat: Indian night! Perfect, I’ve been craving for Indian for a while.So, this thematic dining was introduced some time ago as a way to show the diversity that the kitchen can bring to the table. In fact, every week they have a special cuisine. Should check them out often for something new.

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The Papandayan Bandung Hotel Review-105

The Papandayan Bandung Hotel Review-105

Now, back to my Indian plates. I had their Mutton Masala, Vegetables Bhajji, and the signature Lassi. Each of them are unique in their way, owns the characteristic of Indian flavor, and yet toned down to suit our Indonesian palate. Their Bhajji (tempura-like-vegetables) are my favorites. Strong spices which blends right with the pesto dipping sauce.

Dessert At Papandayan Hotel Bandung

Dessert At Papandayan Hotel Bandung

Everything Else
The rest of the property was worth discovering as well. There’s a few pretty spot to sit, relax or even to take Insta-worthy pictures. The backyard garden with white chairs and sound of waterfall. The deli with selections of desserts. Also, the poolside bar which I believe would look more festive during the night. Pardon me for not being a drinker.

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I love Bandung. I love the city and especially how much better it is now since the leadership of Ridwan Kamil the new mayor. I look forward to coming back to explore more of the city. Stay tune as food post are coming too this week!



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