328 Katong Laksa : Yes, The One That Beat Gordon Ramsay

328 Katong - Best Laksa in Singapore Served Hot (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog)

For years the number one laksa on my chart has always been my aunt’s homemade laksa. Two weeks ago it finally fell from the top when I discovered 328 Katong Laksa in Singapore. I can understand now why Gordon Ramsay lost to 328 Katong Laksa on SingTel cooking showdown last year.

Served steamy hot, the orange broth easily turned my appetite on. Just from the first bite I can tell that laksa is as good on the tongue as it is pleasing to the eyes. It is pungent, savory and sweet at the same time. The kind of umami that keeps you craving for more until the last bite. But that’s not even the best part yet. Spoon in deep to the bottom of the bowl and you’ll find great tasting minced Hae Bee (dried prawn). The tiny bits that makes a lot of difference. Some even go as far as saying it is the hallmark of a great laksa. I must concur.

328 Katong Laksa Singapore (Review by Wanderbites Food Blog)
To get the best of it, pair it with Otah
Singapore's Barley & Lime Juice (Wanderbites Food Blogger & Food Photographer)
When in Singapore, whatever you eat, drink lime juice or barley.

Word on the street says there was a time when up to 5 competitors are strongly against each other. It is the similar case like Bakmi Karet in Jakarta where you’ll find a few on the same street, each claiming their own to be the original one. However time finally tells. Out of the five, 328 Katong Laksa is the only one left making an almost monopoly. People’s tongue are too hard to be fooled I suppose.

Now, although it is a bit hard to reach, you definitely don’t want to miss this one on your next trip to Singapore. I wouldn’t for sure.

Long live hawker food!

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328 Katong Laksa with Gordon Ramsay (Wanderbites Food Blog)
328 Katong Laksa Owners with Gordon Ramsay

328 Katong Laksa
51/53 East Coast Road
Singapore 428770
Phone: (+65) 97328163

How to get there:
Dakota MRT – Take #10 / #32 Bus
Paya Lebar MRT – Take #13 Bus

Operating Hours:
Everyday 8AM – 10PM

Google Map Location:

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