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Atlas Coffee House Singapore (Top Food Blogger Indonesia)

There’s always something new to check out in Singapore when it comes to cafes. If you’re a food stalker like me, and you follow some of the popular Singapore Instagrammers like @jonaskoh, @zippizipeng or @coffeeteatravels then you’d notice how the city is a haven for foodie who enjoys good food at beautiful cafes. Kind of like the one I visited recently, Atlas Coffee House.

Backed by the similar group of people who created Assembly, Atlas Coffee House comes with a unique concept. Atlas, short for At Land Air and Sea, covers their whole space with those three elements in mind. Take a closer look at the wooden tables and the industrial concrete dominated walls and floors as it represent land. The simmetrically lined up white marble tile shine as if they are bubbles of cloud and the blue tinted walls are long lines of the sea.

Atlas Coffee House Singapore (Top Food Blogger Indonesia)-106

Atlas Coffee House Singapore (Top Food Blogger Indonesia)-106

Best New Coffee Shop Singapore 2016

Alright, let’s not get carried away. Beyond the beauty, what is it that they serve? Menu ranges from the typical cafe fare, Waffles and Butter Pancakes, to the one-of-a-kind Salmon Soba Noodles. Many people have given them superlative labels such as “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”, so that would be something you want to give it a try. Although for me, I’ve had enough of waffles and pancakes at cafes. The soba is actually much more interesting.

Atlas Coffee House Singapore (Top Food Blogger Indonesia)-203

I really enjoyed being here. The atmosphere is very easily likeable, even for those who are spending quality time alone like I did. Alone with coffee and a good read is always a good time. The coffee was a blend of Guatemala and Brazilian beans, pulled from a Vittoria Arduino espresso machine. Very promising beans and machine. The only drawback for me was the extra sprinkles of cocoa on top of the cappuccino, which is a bit too much for my liking. It hides the original taste of them beans. But hey, what doesn’t works for me, might works for you, right?

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.


Atlas Coffee House
6 Duke’s Road, Singapore 268886
(Closest MRT: Botanic Garden)
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday : 8am – 5pm
Closed Monday


Google Map Location:

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