Candlenut : Peranakan Cuisine by Chef Malcolm Lee

Candlenut Singapore - Peranakan Cuisine by Chef Malcolm Lee

When my friend Tika brought me here, I have no expectations at all to how Candlenut can impress me. I was hungry. I was tired of walking. I thought it would be just another typical peranakan food. I was wrong. They have some of the most tongue-pleasing menus I’ve ever tasted.

Also, to discover that all these are realisation of a 29-year-old Chef’s dream is even more interesting. Chef Malcolm Lee, the first Singaporean to receive Miele Guide scholarship proves that he’s able to do a modern rendition of classic cuisine. Word on the street, during Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant awarding, renowned chefs like Alvin Leung and Tetsuya Wakuda dined here.

Impressive. *claps*

Now, let’s go to the showdown. Allow me to share you two of my favorite dishes at Candlenut.

Candlenut Singapore Crispy Pork Belly (Review by Wanderbites Food Blogger)
Crispy Pork Belly (SGD 16) – Must have menu!
Candlenut Singapore - Peranakan Cuisine (Review by Wanderbites Food Blogger)
Cincalok (Prawn / Shallot / Chili) – Best paired with Crispy Pork Belly

Crispy Pork Belly
I don’t usually make a statement like this, but I’m confident to say that this is a must order dish at Candlenut. Super crispy skin. The kind that would make a loud “crunch-crunch” in your mouth. Followed with tender and great tasting pork. Dip it in the additional Cincalok and oh my. You’ll find yourself taking the second bite, third, fourth … you get it. You won’t stop until the last bite.

Be mindful though, as the taste is strong, you might have to eat it with rice, otherwise it will overwhelm your tastebuds.

Candlenut Singapore - Peranakan Cuisine (Review by Wanderbites Food Blogger)
Yeye’s Curry. A 4th generation recipe from the Chef’s Great Grandpa. (SGD 14)

Yeye’s Curry
This white coconut curry is said to be developed following 4th generation recipe from the Chef’s great grandfather. Thick, creamy, and matches well with the minced pork. A dish you know is going to please you just from the name alone.

Lesson’s learned. Never judge a place by the cover alone. You never know what might surprise you behind the minimalistic modern interior. Candlenut ended up leaving a really good impression on me, it even crossed my mind to bring friends and family here, because the Pork Belly is just too darn good.

Over and out!

Fellexandro Ruby

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Candlenut Singapore - Peranakan Cuisine by Chef Malcolm Lee

Candlenut Singapore – Inspired Peranakan Cuisines
331 New Bridge Road
#01-03 Dorsett Residences
Singapore 088764
Closest MRT: Outram Park MRT

Phone: +65 8121 4107
Website: Candlenut Singapore
Facebook: Candlenut Singapore FB Page

Opening Hours:
Lunch 12PM – 2.30PM
Dinner 6PM – 10PM

Google Map Location:

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